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Since I haven’t actually mentioned this sooner…

I found out that Diablo 2 is coming out… remastered, or whatever you want to call it.

Soon after I found out about that, I put down a pre-order on it since you can do that for the PC version.

I grew up on Diablo 2, and Bub spent the first few years of his life sitting on my lap playing it alongside me much to his extreme amusement. Enjoying it again can’t be all bad, especially if it will have improved graphics and other alterations to make the gameplay experience that much better… I just hope that Blizzard finally decides to scrap online-only play. I know that they did so for Diablo 3‘s Switch port, for which I am extremely thankful, but I do hope that this is done around the table for Diablo 2 as well. Sometimes we just want to play a game for the sake of enjoying it without online interference. That’s not too much to ask here.

And speaking of nostalgia, I remember the ill-fated auction house that Diablo 3 used to have.

This was not as fun as it had originally sounded.

Having made the decision to switch over to, I’ve since decided to switch back to the official servers.

For some reason, the other game modes (Jester, Troll) were not working for me as well as I had hoped they would. I’ve heard that there are other private servers out there, and I’ve been reading up on them in my spare time. I’d like to play on something that runs similarly to the server that Disguised Toast and his friends use. There also seemed to be the problem of the connection dropping more for me on that server than it ever really has on the official servers, but I can’t help but hold out hope that the official servers incorporate some of the roles that other people have come up with and coded into their own servers for play. One can hope…

I’ve also been getting rid of some things on this computer to save space because I have Bub’s Steam games on this computer. Regrettably, I chose to get rid of Ragnarok Online to ensure that he would continue to have optimal room to play them with me, and it’s not a decision that I regret… especially since my interest in Ragnarok Online literally waxes and wanes, and right now it is at a lull. Maybe if I can figure out how to save space on this computer, more space than I’m already saving, I can find some way to get it back on here and still have an amount of free space that is beneficial to us and that is something that I am comfortable with.

Did they finally actually fix this? Or…

So I’ve begun playing Ragnarok Online again, and… I found a server where you can actually instruct your Homunculus (alchemist’s… special pet) to attack with AI. This makes me unbelievably happy, because a lot of the alchemist’s appeal for me comes in the fact that it has a specialized pet that can be “trained” to attack, helping you get base XP. Once I get my Homunculus, aptly named after Bub, to base level thirty or so, it can probably comfortably take on Orcs in the Orc Dungeon from the sound of things, and I can sit there and watch him do so because I’m not comfortable with the idea of AFKmisting even if certain servers allow it. Plus, if it needs to be fed or actually dies, I do need to stand up in-game and do something about that.

I’m not sure if this was a fix orchestrated by the owners of the server or if Gravity actually relented when it came to allowing alchemists to use AI to instruct their Homunculus to automatically attack surrounding monsters, but it does make me happy. Someone was nice enough to help me level my acolyte up to priest and my merchant up to alchemist, and I may make a mage and soul linker in the future. I’m not sure whether I want my mage to become a wizard or sage, but I do know that my TaeKwon Girl will become a soul linker as soon as I can get her there. I may also make a magic-proficient ninja for kicks because, well, why not…

In other news, I also did exactly what I had been saying that I would do and only watched the part of the series finale of Supernatural where Sam and Dean were reunited with each other in Heaven. I seriously told people that I was not going to watch the absolute disaster that was the series, let alone season, finale on Netflix, and I meant it. Watching it on my computer allowed me to fast forward to that point without there being the same glitches that manifested themselves when trying to watch it on my phone. Now I have to decide whether I want to watch Lucifer or The Walking Dead. I am going to try to stay away from the CW.

Like I’ve mentioned, I am here for the Supernatural fandom, but no longer for the show if that makes sense.

Why must you do this to me with this game, Steam?

For some reason, I’m fighting to get Ragnarok Online 2 on my computer.

Patching is taking forever, and I am not quite sure why that is. I’ve had to go to the lengths of uninstalling it and reinstalling it. This computer isn’t exactly the most brand new thing on the market, but with the stick of RAM that’s in it, it’s not half bad. Hopefully a fresh reinstall will work, though… I guess I’ll be finding that out.

Maybe it’s a Gravity thing or something. I suppose I’ll be finding that out when I’m done reinstalling it.

Apparently you have to let the entire thing patch all at once, even if that takes forever and a day… literally.

So I guess that is literally what I will be doing if I ever actually want to play this game. Hopefully this is all I have to do to render this game playable on our PC, and will be able to hop right into it once I’ve done that!

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