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We’re back at it again, friends and family. We are.

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Bub and I have resumed playing Among Us more, to the delight of… well, both of us!

I see the changes that have been made to the game with recent updates and do have to say that I like the majority of them. I like Hide & Seek being an actual thing that you can opt into playing with other players now, even if Hide & Seek isn’t exactly something that I want to play myself. I really like the fact that you can choose games based on difficulty, so if you’re a novice you don’t get stuck with really experienced players.

That only took me how many years now?

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So far I’ve more or less rebranded everything of mine online to be related to Serah Farron from the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, which I do not mind in the slightest… I like her the most, and it makes it that much easier for people to recognize me online (or to know that it is me). That doesn’t stop me from liking other characters — almost as much — anyway, but it makes everything of mine a lot simpler to manage. (My second choice Final Fantasy character would quite likely be Rinoa Heartilly, especially due to the sorcery lore that’s in Final Fantasy VIII.) I’ve also begun to make social networking accounts of mine professional for purposes of resuming content creation and streaming, although I’m not quite where I need to be before I resume posting most videos on YouTube. That platform is going to be treated differently than I treat my Twitch platform, which will probably always be the primary place that I stream. However, my goal has always been “be better than Onision”, and we all saw what happened to him after he was finally deplatformed by YouTube…

In the interim, I’ve continued to stay out of the Discord servers that I’ve mentioned no longer wanting to be part of even if I did “grow up” with some of these people. (Some of you may or may not be surprised at how many of these people I don’t remember, because my Internet experience as a child and adolescent fundamentally differed from many of theirs in pivotal ways… that, and I do not currently live in an environment where “Internet friends” are not seen as something other than jaded, so I was not as able to get close to these people like some of them got to each other being in more permissive and supportive environments. This isn’t something that I feel as though I regret, though.) For me this will be a long-term thing simply because I’m too old for, and no longer want to put up with, all of the drama. I’m fine without it.)

I’ve been invited to some of their newer servers, asked to come back to them, even asked to reconsider my stance “with the door left open in case I change my mind”, and have respectfully declined all invitations.

A more satisfying conclusion than I expected…

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Because there are good people, Bub has been paid back what he had stolen from him.

It only took a day and a half for enough people to mobilize to make that happen, and I am so thankful that there are still good people in this world… even though I live in the United States (and, at that, Texas, where I have regularly had it screamed at me that I am a leech and a mooch for being disabled, that I am teaching my disabled children to be leeches and mooches because they are disabled and we get the disability benefits that we are entitled to, that I “could find a job if I weren’t lazy”, that sort of thing) where people who espouse MAGA tendencies and vote Republican seem to proliferate more and more with each election cycle, which doesn’t help matters out any. But the fact of the matter is that there are still plenty of good people on this planet and we are thankful for them. So Bub will be getting that game when it is released for purchase.

Steam will have to learn not to mess with me too.

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Through… something that I don’t even know how they managed, someone got into our Steam account — you know, the one with two-factor authentication on it — and stole the money that had been put into our Wallet with the intent to pre-order something that would become available later on this month. So far, Steam has been completely non-compliant on the issue (“because they spent it on Community Market goods”… well, if your site is so horribly regulated that hackers are easily able to access accounts and Wallet funds they shouldn’t, and you know they spend them on Community Market goods because you won’t go after them if they do, do you not see the problem here?), so I’ve filed a complaint against them with the Federal Trade Commission and intend on opening support tickets with them until they get so tired of me that they credit my account the money that was in our Wallet to shut me up. I am not at all opposed to doing that because sometimes it is a tactic that works — I’ve had to do it with my state’s HHSC (Health and Human Services Commission) when they refuse to work our renewals, that was how I got my Twitter account back in good standing after… we all know what happened there, and now this, I guess. At this point, I don’t care.

…what these agencies or organizations must think of me for forcing them to ethically do their jobs.