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I’ve finally loaded the Steam Deck for Bub!

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I have a functioning 1TB Sandisk microSD, so in Bub’s Steam Deck it has gone!

It took me the better part of a day and a half to download all of his games to it, but I downloaded all of his games to it and I am finally done with that. I am glad to be done with that because that is the “big ticket” item that he’s going to be getting from me for his birthday, and I know that he’s just going to love it. I just need to learn to work the buttons a bit better since the way they are set up is not native to me, but I don’t think that will take me too terribly long. We’ve been playing Chrono Trigger together, and I may go back and do the quest that gets you the Crono doll because it frustrated me at the beginning of the game when I was playing it on the computer with a controller in hand. Maybe it will be easy enough on the Steam Deck that I can actually do it. Either way, I’m getting that Crono doll. We are taking Crono with us to the final fight…

How many tags is this post going to get?

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So I am an alpha tester for (and user of) re-AOL, which are — is? are? what do I say here? — programmers’ attempt at bringing back America Online 3.0 as a private server for functional use. And by attempt, I mean successful attempt. Migraines are fun. I am absolutely loving the nostalgia that comes with this project, and I’m loving being able to chill with people that I haven’t seen or talked with in more than a decade. These are the people that I hung out with online for the better part of my childhood and adolescence. I look forward to the project continuing, people being able to register screen names (that will happen as the project stabilizes beyond where it is at now, even though where it is at now is absolutely commendable). And I bet that every single one of you who might be reading this knows which Guest I was in the chat at the time that I took the screenshot — hint, there was a Robo reference made, and I am a huge Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross fan.

We have a wider assortment of Steam games.

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So I got Bub a whole bunch of games off of Steam, to include many of his favorites, since we have a functioning USB controller (con? joystick? well, it’s not really a joystick). Right now, we’ve been playing Final Fantasy VI. We just got to the point where Sabin separates from the party and you can choose which group of characters you want to do the quests for in whatever order you’d like. I have Fioricet on hand to be able to give myself as needed, although I do wish that I had more doses of it… I’m supposed to make ten doses two pills apiece last for thirty days — either that or twenty doses one pill apiece, but I always need two pills. Two capsules. Whatever. It’s a lot better than none, but this here is a prime example of the War on Pain Patients.

As always, I am down for the Celes Chere life, but I also do like Terra Branford, so… there’s that.

After this, I think we’ll circle back around and play Final Fantasy V… I mean, we have that now on Steam.