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This is the most adorable meme I’ve ever seen!

I was considering posting some more pictures that I’d recently taken of the kids, then I was thinking about posting about what happened at the most recent Trump rally, then decided that I’d get around to both of those things at a later point, after I posted this. This is so adorable I just couldn’t pass up posting it here…

I loved this game then and we love it now.

I love that they remade this game (Super Mario RPG), and I love the fact that they left this glitch in the game even more, allowing you to one-shot kill a prominent boss toward the end of it. We got our copy today, too!

Where are the days and nights going, y’all?

Now I get what people say when they’re working on a project — the bigger, the better, and the more likely they are to say this! I decided to put more work into Bub’s desk and desktop, which meant that more work would have had to have been placed into my bedroom as well as a side effect. I am completely happy with this, although removing knots from wires has not been as fun as I had anticipated… especially when I’m given little to no help doing so, because I’m not particularly good at this. It all eventually gets done though, the topic of conversation shifts and we begin to e told what “big bad” we’re up against. As much as I still don’t know why visual changes happen in the real lives of so many of these real-life participants, I still hold out the tiniest sliver of hope. There are two old games in particular that I’d love to see brought over here in some way. And I absolutely do love going off on tangents, even if they are mental. Isn’t this part of the purpose of blogging? (But believe you me, for the sake of business writing I can get and stay on aubject!)

It’s a little bit too early to be threatening violence.

I couldn’t begin to get enough screenshots of my… experience lurking in the official Hogwarts Legacy server (and that is how the name of the game is written, correct?), but this one stood out to me the most for what should be obvious reasons. If it wasn’t people stressing themselves out to the point of sickness over hiding their consumption of the game from others — their friends groups perhaps being the most prominent — comments like these were made. This says everything that needs to be said about this game, and I wish everyone an incredibly happy save yourself money refusing to line JK Rowling’s pockets not buying this…

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