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I like the quotes on the bottom right side now!

Well, I’ve made a few changes to this blog… nothing major, but I really like the quotes.

I have those quotes listed on the “about me” section of another blog of mine that I’ve actually had since late 2008, which is why it was so easy to put them on the right side of this blog. And speaking of that, I should really update the pages on this blog when I have the time. I might do that on a Monday or Wednesday…

Meanwhile, I continue to collect Kuma Crafts jewelry from people who aren’t scalping them off in sales benefiting from price hikes people are willing to pay after her death. I won’t buy into that no matter how beautiful or rare the piece is. I’ve gotten a fairly good idea what she charged for various pieces while she was alive by looking at her Facebook page for it (“Kuma Crafts”), and I’ve been using that as a guideline.

Well, I’m glad that I fixed… most of that problem.

Waking up this morning, I noticed that my blog’s whole alignment was messed up because I had mistakenly updated the theme… so I had to hunt down the old version of the theme that I was using, and had been using for years, and reinstall that on here. That still leaves me with a few minor things to do like adding the word count back to blog posts since I had incorporated that into each post I made (and posts viewed through the main URL), and I might have to put the Google Analytics code back on this blog. Next time WordPress tells me that there’s something available to update I’m going to be extremely careful about what I allow it to update. Although I love earlier versions of this theme, I do not like the changes that were and have been made to later versions. And sadly, it’s not like you can just go back and undo theme updates.

I also installed one of the fonts that the theme recommended trying to fix this, and I love how that looks.

I think this might have been using a second choice font according to the CSS, and I installed the first font that it’s been asking for today. Everything continues to be aligned just the way I want it, although it looks a lot sharper and I have no regrets at all about that. I just wish I hadn’t accidentally upgraded the blog theme…

So I accidentally updated the theme on this blog.

I’ve fixed almost everything that updating that… messed up, I just have to go in at some point and fix a few minor details like adding the word count back onto each post (I did that forever ago, and now I have to find out how to do it again). Surprisingly that didn’t go as badly as I had originally thought it would, but a few of the minor revisions that I had made to this blog years ago managed to go missing for some strange reason.

Do I regret accidentally clicking the Update button on this theme? Yes, but it could have been a lot worse.

I’ll get to fine-tuning everything and fixing it back up in the coming days, weeks, months… whenever I do it.

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