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I am finally hardwired right into the modem!

Once I figure out whether or not I want to restart some of these games and resume streaming, that looks to be what I’m going to do. Progress in the actual game versus more streaming hours… let’s see, let’s see.

In the interim…

Another re-AOL post, because we’ve definitely made some progress as a project whole!

One of the developers was able to code Neverwinter Nights back onto AOL, or onto the re-AOL experience (I’m trying to word this so that people who don’t know a lot about programming will still understand what I mean)! This used to be an AOL-exclusive MMO that existed when a lot of us were probably children, so was brought back purely for nostalgia’s sake… and because so many of us liked it while we were growing up.

That same developer is also continuing to work on bringing us Slingo and Splatterball as well! Eee!

Maybe I should make a completely new tag for this.

I was going to get the MMO of choice that I wanted to begin playing with Bub, but then I found out that you could pre-order Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet from Amazon, so I went ahead and got one kid each game. Whenever they come, they come. It’s also a lot better than getting them from Wal-mart, because when I tried to get my oldest son Pokemon Diamond from there, you all know how that went, right? It was literally stolen by someone before it could be loaded onto the Hewitt truck to be delivered to my house, and when I asked FedEx about it, the response was to put fraudulent notations on tracking stating that it had been delivered to my house when it had not… you know, when it didn’t take them three days to “figure out” that it had been stolen, first telling me that it had been loaded onto the delivery truck and simply not delivered, then telling me that it hadn’t even been loaded onto the delivery truck to begin with (so that tracking notation had also been a lie). Although I know that I can’t completely avoid FedEx, my goal is to use them for as little as humanly possible because so many of my packages from them come late when they pass through Hewitt, and any time I try to ask their customer service anything about them nothing gets answered to satisfaction. At least Wal-mart promptly refunded me when this actually happened, though.

It’s better than the $53 that the “chief ombudsman” of the state child support office stole from my youngest son’s January payment forcing the case to stay open when multiple good cause waivers had already been sought out and approved for it. I wasn’t supposed to be told that these waivers were still on the case when Stephanie Neely continued to “insist” that it had to stay open, which endangered Bub and me, and when a customer care representative accidentally told me, she told them to tell me that all subsequent communication about closing Bub’s child support case out again had to go to her — no, it does not. And I made that pristinely clear to all involved state agencies. That was why I reported the entire child support office to the National Child Support Agency, which as soon as I let HHSC and the state child support office know yielded quick results, and why I lodged a formal employee complaint against you. According to LinkedIn you have a $90,000 salary and have been working there since before I graduated from high school. Learn to manage your money better and stop attempting to skim off the top of child support cases that aren’t even supposed to be in enforcement to begin with. Maybe also consider getting another job where you don’t endanger children because you want a new purse or another pair of shoes. That would really be nice.

We’re at the point we have a shortlist, people!

I am still deciding which MMO Bub would like to play the most with me, but I have a shortlist.

I’m also reading reviews on the games that are currently on the shortlist to help me make a final decision. Clearly I only want to get the best here, or as close to the best as possible if I’m going to be paying a monthly subscription for us to play it. For reasons that previous posts have elaborated on, World of Warcraft is out and out it will remain until further notice. The rest of them are up in the air and I am deliberating them…

I have a functioning chair now, thank goodness!

I didn’t know that we had managed to amass a whole bunch of Steam point with years worth of purchases, so I went ahead and used some of those. If only you could use them to buy more games, though… I had amassed a lot of them over the years making purchases for Bub, and I didn’t stop to think about using them until I read an article that mentioned them and then I was like “ah, maybe I should check”. Sure enough…

I’m still scouting out MMOs that Bub might enjoy playing with me and have narrowed down the list a little.

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