I am finally hardwired right into the modem!

Once I figure out whether or not I want to restart some of these games and resume streaming, that looks to be what I’m going to do. Progress in the actual game versus more streaming hours… let’s see, let’s see.

In the interim…

Another re-AOL post, because we’ve definitely made some progress as a project whole!

One of the developers was able to code Neverwinter Nights back onto AOL, or onto the re-AOL experience (I’m trying to word this so that people who don’t know a lot about programming will still understand what I mean)! This used to be an AOL-exclusive MMO that existed when a lot of us were probably children, so was brought back purely for nostalgia’s sake… and because so many of us liked it while we were growing up.

That same developer is also continuing to work on bringing us Slingo and Splatterball as well! Eee!

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