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Well, that still managed to come as a surprise.

I was yesterday years old when I was reputably informed that the man on my oldest son’s birth certificate — term used exceedingly loosely, of course — had passed away. Now, to explain this in slightly better detail.

I was given the link to his obituary, which I later found out was written by his sister. However, with the exception of his sister mentioning that she had to identify his body, then consent to cremation, I haven’t found anything about the cause of his death. I called Social Security this morning and gave them his name and Social Security Number, which I have due to it being in my son’s custody order, and they confirmed that he is deceased. From there, I ordered a copy of his death certificate on behalf of my son because I’m sure there are instances where he’s probably going to need it. I’m working on having my son’s child support case deleted from the system since you can’t garnish wages from a dead man, and this means that arrears stopped accruing in December of 2023 (the month after he died). Although I am a bit curious to find out the cause of death myself if the death certificate can tell me that — sometimes they’re rubbish at listing the actual causes of death, so this is going to be a crapshoot — this is not something that surprises me one bit. To be honest, as I’ve mentioned to people and in previous blog posts, I always knew that he was going to go at some point, earlier than the rest of us, although bad people do tend to live long lives for the most part. He wouldn’t let anyone help him with the things he needed help with, and I’m not even sure that help would actually have helped him anyway… I mean, if the court system calls you irredeemable almost from the start, you know you’ve got a problem. All I can say on this matter is that I am at peace with his death. My son and I don’t have to worry about stalking that defied the lifetime restraining order that I was issued, and we don’t have to worry about threats. This is also something I will not tell my son due to his intellectual disabilities.

I gave Bub a haircut in seven whole minutes, folks!

He loves crew cuts so much. What can I say, though? Other than being so thankful for the short-acting sedative he has now been prescribed for… situations like these, and attempting to give a haircut has been a “situation like these” for years! This medication has become an absolute game-changer for Bub. I love that.

I know that I should have written this a lot sooner…

I’ve been re-organizing my room, although re-organizing my closet (and by that, an extension of my room) is sure to come in due time once I figure out just how I want to hang up clothes that I normally wear for content creation and streaming. I have never been blessed with a large closet. I’m thinking of finding some way to organize what is in my closet whether that is… finding some way to organize what is in my closet (discarding things is quite likely not going to be an option here), or I’m debating buying something that I can hang my streaming clothes on that can be wheeled around but will generally sit in front of my bookshelf and closet to be moved around just a bit to make each of those things accessible. I did find some documentation regarding the kids’ disabilities that I had been searching for that I just knew continued to be in my room, and I’m glad I neatened some of the things up that I could help by moving them around and regrouping them! Much as I would like to put some of this stuff into the kids’ room, Bub is still so impulsive that I don’t need to give him unfettered access to some things, even if they are some of his own things. He doesn’t need to be up at two o’clock every morning playing video games, or trying to play them, sacrificing his sleep in the process.

I am also making changes to the streaming desk, as I like to call it, that I am growing fonder and fonder of!

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