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This game clearly asks the hard questions.

I found a cute game that I’d love to give a try when I have the chance to:

This makes the problem that so many of us have had with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter funny. The only shame is that you can’t yet download it through apps like Steam, even though we have and enjoy… what is it? Game Dev Tycoon? I’d love to be able to have this as a game on our computer even though I’m going to stream it at some point in time anyway. Facebook’s algorithm has gotten a bit better in that I haven’t been put on any sort of post or comment block for awhile now. I’m continuing to report antisemitic anti-Zionists to Twitter for threatening to harm Jews and Twitter still hasn’t gotten to any of these reports…

This… didn’t actually surprise me, but here we are.

Spanish has become my most studied language on here because I’ve managed to retain a lot more of it than I’d realized through two years of it in high school and, well, living where I do (which is still something that I hope to change). Here in a bit I’m going to be getting some notebooks so that I can write down words (and verb conjugations) for each language, and hiragana and katakana for Japanese to help me learn it faster.

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