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It took three years of being in a pandemic…

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…but I finally tested positive for COVID on Monday, which really wasn’t that surprising, to be honest.

I was prescribed Paxlovid as soon as my primary care physician found out, and sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. I’ve been oscillating through symptoms of something with each dose. My goal is to get the full five days worth of it taken so that I don’t continue to be infectious to other household members, but if it gets to the point that I am completely debilitated by taking Paxlovid, tougher decisions will have to be made. First there was the fever. Then came the nausea. The fever decided to come back. And now there’s the weakness, which I really hope goes away. If there are two things I can’t stand, it’s nausea and weakness that is not made better by napping or sleeping. It makes “Paxlovid mouth” pale in comparison, because I mean… there’s Topamax, which also alters how you perceive taste. So I’m kind of used to that already. Weakness not made better by rest is something else though, and something completely different. I would not wish this on anyone. I’m just hoping that the worst of these symptoms clear up soon. …really soon.

In case anyone’s been wondering where it went…

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I know that I used to mention this project in here when I participated in it, but as a content creator for Twitch (well, when I resume), there isn’t really any way for me to participate in things that aren’t abandonware who don’t fall under the fair use project and… have that continue to fly. I’m not sure why they named it what they did, but it wouldn’t have been anything that I would have been able to stream without opening myself up to at least the possibility of one or more copyright, or content, strikes… and that wasn’t something that I was willing to do with my own account, not when I realized it. (If I’m ever put into the position where I have to decide whether or not to support something like this, I have to ask myself if it’s abandonware or if it falls under the fair use act, and if it doesn’t… I’m choosing Twitch, and my Twitch account, over me participating.)

The funny thing about all of this is that I had a lead on one of the source code books that the developers were looking for, but when the person who might have a copy of it was made aware… why a copy of it was being sought out, they weren’t supportive of the idea, and that is something that I just have to respect…

At some point I intend on resuming streaming, but I’m waiting for a few more health-related things to fall together — or not to fall together — before I jump back in. I should know for sure in the coming months.

The equivalent of a subtweet, but in blog form.

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If you can’t be considerate enough to be direct enough with me to tell me how much you want me to correspond with you, and how you want me to correspond with you, you can’t — or at least, you shouldn’t, but if you’re reading this you should be able to tell how that went — blame me, as an autistic person, for not knowing how much you want me to correspond with you, or in what way. But I’m not going to play into any attempts you may make to manufacture drama. If you’ve decided that you no longer want to be friends with me, it is what it is. I’m not going to fight with you, or “hard chat” you, or… whatever it is that people who used to use America Online, who have since migrated over to Discord, are now doing. As I’ve said more than once, I am too old for drama. I don’t have time for drama. I can spare the occasional thought in regards to it, and maybe a blog post whenever something happens, but aside from that I’m not going to carve out time in my life or my schedule for this sort of thing beyond those parameters. I will not give myself to drama any further.

Times like these make me regret the fact that my mother let the computer babysit me as I grew up. I learned a lot of functional skills from it, but still. Things like this almost make the whole thing in general not worth it.

I’m old enough to make some of these jokes now.

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One of the things that I love doing is monitoring my credit. It’s different in the different bureaus (which is, as I know, to be expected), but within the different… scoring models, is also different there, and when you have a sense of humor like mine, that can get amusing. Oh, why can’t all of these be the same? Why can’t there be just one credit score? (I know, I know. Seriously, I know. I’m old enough to joke and lament about this now.)

On to things that are very much not actual jokes now, though…

It still hits hard that Jason David Frank is actually gone, and why he is gone. I’ve still been trying as hard as I can not to actually talk about the cause of his death, which has been confirmed, because I don’t want to throw that into people’s faces — I don’t want to cause them distress or trigger them, so I leave it at the fact that yes, he has regrettably passed away. I did get the chance to watch the celebration of life that his loved ones allowed to be livestreamed on his official Facebook fan page, though. In the interim (November 22nd, to be exact), I’ve begun to develop almost excruciating back pain — sciatica — that I began treating with prednisone, which it was really rather responsive to, but I know that I can’t stay on prednisone forever due to the side effects… so it returned within about a day and a half of me stopping prednisone, and my care team has become aware of this. If sciatica came about due to the frequent prednisone use I’ve needed due to asthma and migraines, this would not surprise me at all, though… but this has become painful. I hate pain.