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I am slowly but surely getting better from this.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned in previous posts, post-sepsis syndrome is a very real… thing that I’ve had since I began to get over sepsis, although it didn’t make itself as abundantly clear when I was discharged from the hospital. I didn’t quite feel like I was walking on water then, but I felt better than I did… I don’t want to say now, because I do feel better now, but for awhile leading up to now. It’s been a process that I’ve had to coast off of with the medications that I’ve been prescribed for pain and nausea, and justifiably so. I’ve had more migraines than I normally have, which hasn’t surprised me one bit. I’ve been in more systemic, body-wide pain than I thought I would be. Nausea has been kicking me in the tail end, although Pepto Bismol has been an absolute godsend allowing me to keep down necessary medications, working my way up to actual food.

I remain ever thankful to be here, even though some of the symptoms that I have to deal with have been difficult, or profoundly difficult, some of the time. Pain I can deal with. Pain is always something I’ve been able to soldier through. Nausea, on the other hand, has not been something that I have been able to deal with well. Or sufficiently, for that matter. Sickness, of course, remains miserable, solely mine to deal with….

I am how many days out from surgery now?

I suppose I’ll come back here and write about it in more extravagant detail as I continue to heal, am in less discomfort, and have more energy, but in the interim I’ve been editing videos from raw footage that I’ve had on hand to give myself something to do with the downtime that healing from surgery entails. This is fun!

I am continually surprising myself finding that video editing, at least in my experience, is much like riding a bicycle. I was my high school’s daily show’s senior editor and… became so fairly quickly through being the fastest typist and most adept with the computers that the early 2000s allowed us to have on hand, although I hate to make that comparison because repeated seizures have taken some of the things away from me that some of you reading this might take at least a little bit for granted. My sense of direction is absolutely shot to hell, and I get disoriented and lost in places that I do not constantly frequent extremely easy now.

I am so excited for what is coming up soon!

So, news: not only was I successful at getting insurance in Texas to approve a tubal ligation (namely the removal of my Fallopian tubes), but that will actually be happening soon enough to post about it here!

I am in the process of weaning off of certain medications of mine to stop taking them in preparation for that, because I don’t want to give anesthetists any more of a reason to be clinically frustrated with me than I’m sure they are by virtue of my red hair making it difficult to knock me out when I need to be knocked out. I’ve read my medical files from the radiofrequency ablations that I’ve had for my migraines, and my care team is very aware of the difficulty at which it is to knock me out (“knock me out”? how do you phrase that?), owing to the fact that they are aware of my natural hair color in addition to whatever proclivities I naturally have.

And by that, I mean whatever other proclivities I naturally have. I’m very much aware of the hair color thing.

I am immensely frustrated at my gynecologist even though he’s the one performing the operation because he underestimates the level of anxiety that certain things give me, and coupled with the increasing difficulty at getting an IV started in me that has only gotten so much worse over the years, maybe I need to consider finding a gynecologist who takes my needs seriously. I don’t think I have enough time to ask my psychiatrist for anything although I concede that I very well should have, so I’ll just repeatedly ask the outpatient wing of the hospital where this will be performed to give me Versed before they give me propofol… or maybe even something stronger than that. I’m normally given Versed before propofol for radiofrequency ablations now.

May this be the best happy birthday meme found.

I am hosting this on the heels of yet another hosting… app, group, organization, whatever you want to call them, cracking down on password sharing (as is something that I have completely come to expect at this point, so I’m not going to get into a whole lot of detail about how I feel about that except for what I’m about to write here in this post). I’ve been comfortable sharing my streaming credentials to various streaming organizations and groups that I have accounts on with my best friend, who is the person in charge of my Twitch streams while I stream. And god forbid, if I ever actually have an epileptic seizure while streaming he is able to take control of my computer to end the stream. I do not see a single problem with allowing him to watch my Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ with this in mind, and now all of a sudden I can not do that? Excuse me?

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