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I have since finally set the webcam up! Go me!

For Christmas, I got the kids one of those gaming chairs that you can rock back and forth in. I can sit in it too if I’d like to, even though the last time I sat in one of these was when I myself was a child so it feels a bit awkward (and will take some getting used to). I can certainly fit on it, and sit on it, no problem… except for the whole “rocking back and forth” thing because that feels awkward due to me not having done it in decades. I also got a new webcam for our computer, and a much better one at that, for streaming purposes. The kids can also use it to talk to relatives of theirs on Zoom if they would like, although I don’t think any relatives that I know of have Zoom, so I’d have to walk them through the process of setting all of that up on whatever computer or mobile device they use. If it’s something that the kids want to do, I’m in support of it.

I also got a larger HDD for our laptop so that Bub can store more of his games on it, which he will love!

In addition, I know that I’m getting the Corpse Husband gloomy bear and a copy of the hoodie he put out.

There are no other words for this waste of money.

As alluring as the idea of this sounds (I am a sucker for handheld, or mobile, consoles, and being able to make our favorite games mobile), this is a glorified… I don’t even know what else to call it. It only makes PlayStation 4 and 5 games handheld if both items are on the same Wi-fi. This allows you to play video games in your hands that you have to be in the same residence and on the same Wi-fi connection for. There are no other words for just how much of a colossal failure I think this is. If only they would actually fix this…

Where are the days and nights going, y’all?

Now I get what people say when they’re working on a project — the bigger, the better, and the more likely they are to say this! I decided to put more work into Bub’s desk and desktop, which meant that more work would have had to have been placed into my bedroom as well as a side effect. I am completely happy with this, although removing knots from wires has not been as fun as I had anticipated… especially when I’m given little to no help doing so, because I’m not particularly good at this. It all eventually gets done though, the topic of conversation shifts and we begin to e told what “big bad” we’re up against. As much as I still don’t know why visual changes happen in the real lives of so many of these real-life participants, I still hold out the tiniest sliver of hope. There are two old games in particular that I’d love to see brought over here in some way. And I absolutely do love going off on tangents, even if they are mental. Isn’t this part of the purpose of blogging? (But believe you me, for the sake of business writing I can get and stay on aubject!)

I’ve finally loaded the Steam Deck for Bub!

I have a functioning 1TB Sandisk microSD, so in Bub’s Steam Deck it has gone!

It took me the better part of a day and a half to download all of his games to it, but I downloaded all of his games to it and I am finally done with that. I am glad to be done with that because that is the “big ticket” item that he’s going to be getting from me for his birthday, and I know that he’s just going to love it. I just need to learn to work the buttons a bit better since the way they are set up is not native to me, but I don’t think that will take me too terribly long. We’ve been playing Chrono Trigger together, and I may go back and do the quest that gets you the Crono doll because it frustrated me at the beginning of the game when I was playing it on the computer with a controller in hand. Maybe it will be easy enough on the Steam Deck that I can actually do it. Either way, I’m getting that Crono doll. We are taking Crono with us to the final fight…

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