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Our hard drive comes in for the clutch!

I found out that you can install Epic Games onto an external hard drive, which makes me so happy.

I don’t have the largest external hard drive in the world, but it’s bigger than the one that is currently on board on this computer. So it’s actually more prudent for me to dedicate an entire external hard drive to games. I got Bub all of the Kingdom Hearts games that came out for the PC for the first time through Epic Games, and their customer service was actually incredibly helpful when I had problems relating to one transaction.

Meanwhile, with my share of the fourth stimulus check I purchased a few more pairs of cyberlox to wear in my hair. I am progressively getting better at wearing them, or at the very least, “sucking less at wearing them”. Phrase it how you like. I also purchased some cosmetics from Colourpop, Deck of Scarlet, and EMcosmetics. This makes me really happy. Purchases from Hot Topic were also made, since why not?

As it was, I needed a new pair of sneakers since my old pair got holes in some slightly awkward places.

“No shampooing” and the transition period.

I’ve begun to enter the transition period where my hair is a bit slicker than I would like, but brushing it from root to tip has really helped that out, along with cleaning it with water. Based on what I’ve read, it can take several weeks before one’s scalp is used to the fact that the oils on it are no longer being degraded with shampoo, and then everything is happier from that point onward. I’ve just been burned one too many times in the past using “color-friendly” shampoo and conditioner on my hair just to have it leech the color that I actually wanted to keep in my hair. When I have my hair tied back in a ponytail, it actually looks really good, and it’s easier to manage than it would be if I… didn’t. That said, I think I’m going to keep it this way more often than not until the transition phase of “no shampooing” is over and I only make enough oil and sebum on my scalp to manage… well, that. That’s the blog post. My scalp. Waiting for my scalp to normalize, heh.

From here on out, I think I’m only going to shampoo it before I completely dye over my hair, or there’s enough of my natural hair color that’s come in to warrant another dye job. If I can get past the transition period of my hair being… slightly oilier than I’m used to, that’s what I think I’m going to do as a general rule of measure…

I guess the name of the game is patience.

I am now on day three of “no shampoo (and conditioner)”, only cleaning my hair with water and brushing it.

If I can get through this with my hair intact, I’m only going to wash it before I dye it so that the hair strands are as open and stripped as they can be. Normally I don’t have to wash my hair that often, maybe once or twice a week, but I’m tired of dying my hair and then having the shampoo strip it, no matter what kind it is or how “friendly” it’s said to be to hair that has been colored. I just want my hair to stay as bright as possible, and if that means saving money not buying myself shampoo or conditioner from here on out… that’s great.

Bub’s microSD came in the mail, and so far so good downloading all of his games “from the cloud” onto it. Well, aside from how long this looks like it’s going to take, but I knew that going into this. This is a 400GB microSD, so here’s hoping that it holds all of his games and the ones that he will pick up afterward for… well, at least a year. It seems like we’re getting a new microSD card every year now, but I don’t mind as long as there’s something that I can keep all of his games on. Some of these games are large, so downloading them from the cloud time and time again (which is where they are kept after purchase if they’re not on the actual card itself) can be and is cumbersome… just a bit. And this one is an actual Nintendo microSD card as well!

Here’s hoping that it doesn’t take more than two days to download all of these games, big as some are…

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