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Artie-bird’s Adventures at the Vet: Vol. 1.

I had Arthur seen by an avian veterinarian in this area since the injury in question (see last post) was near his eye. I didn’t want him not to have antibiotic or pain relief in case he needed it, and both of those things were prophylactically prescribed with another checkup two weeks out to ensure that he’s continuing to do well and everything’s healing that needs to heal. He didn’t like the pet carrier, but he’ll be alright! He’ll live.

I’m not even going to bother taking a picture.

Arthur appears to have a fairly minor injury, but one that I’m continuing to keep watch on in case he does need to be seen by the vet. When it comes to birds, watchful waiting is what’s best almost all of the time because a lot of injuries can look worse than they actually are. His behavior hasn’t changed, and he’s continuing to eat and drink like he always has, so I’ve just been observing his behavior and dietary habits.

Meanwhile, we are back to the Fioricet I am prescribed for migraines… not working, so I really want to request that something else that I can take is prescribed in place of it. I can’t take triptans, and I’m not supposed to take triptans, because of the risk of cardiac side effects. NSAIDs have provoked my asthma for god only knows how long. I’m not sure what I can take in place of Fioricet or if I should just suck it up and… continue taking it, but I guess we’ll be seeing next month when I check in with my pain management clinic.

The dog got to see the vet for her annual visit!

After being sedated the night before and again two hours before her visits with the vet, we bring her with a van simply because it is the biggest, easiest, and safest way to transport her to the vet and then back home again. Bub rides shotgun in the back with me as Monster rides in the passenger seat at the front of the van, and once the vet’s office tells us that they have an available room for her — allowing her to bypass having to wait, and cry, in the waiting room, because leaving the house is always difficult for her no matter where we go (and we only go here with her now because of that) — we head straight on back to it. She gets taken to the back where they have a larger room to examine her, give her needed vaccines, clean her ears out, and test her for heartworm before bringing her back to us. Then we get her annual heartworm prevention, all twelve months of it in two boxes, before heading up front to pay before we get back in the van and go home.