These are my most recent genetic results, courtesy of Genomelink:

Although I live in a conservative state, I won’t get any more specific about my location than that. Sorry!

I look exactly how you would imagine a stereotypical Irish girl to look, straight down to the (authentic) gray eyes. I have nebulizer and steroid-dependent asthma, although that depends on the time of year and… whatever I might have been exposed to that triggered it, tend to cough for awhile after I’ve managed to pick up whatever respiratory infection is around, and have a diagnosis of chronic, intractable migraine disorder.

The medications are not as much of a miracle as some people seem to have it in their minds that they are, but they do help. I am also not able to take NSAIDs for migraine pain (and yes, this includes all of the ones that you can purchase over the counter) because we have found that they… interact with my asthma in undesirable ways, and rolling the dice on that has proven to be unfavorable in that I do not need to set myself up to take unnecessary bursts of prednisone when we know what they tend to do to my spirometry.

I am what some individuals might probably consider an extreme leftist — or just a leftist — and vote Democrat. I believe that sensible gun control laws should be enacted and that everyone who lives in this country should have access to healthcare regardless of whether or not they are disabled or how much, or how little, they make (or what categorical eligibilities they may have that allow them to receive Medicaid, or what states they may live in that let them take advantage of expanded Medicaid). That’s just me though…

Prior to my disabilities becoming so overwhelming and prevalent that they had no choice but to be planned around (and having to plan around being my kids’ caregiver), I got a two-year degree in a field of science.

I am also autistic, and I do not mind disclosing this information to people. I don’t see it as being a bad thing.