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I will be reading this book on stream when it arrives!

I’m going to be recieving a copy of this in the mail when it prints, and I look forward to reading the first official book about Wisp the cat on my livestream! As a matter of fact, I really look forward to this, because I’ve been a fan of hers since she went viral for the first time… and now I’m a big fan of cats and rescues, too!

These are just some things that I will never do.

So I’ve been making it a habit to stram as many days as I’m able to now that I’m a member of Mystic Esports (which I not only don’t mind but love), just to see if it will improve the stats that I already have. For the most part I am mixing the audio by myself to the extent that I an able in OBS, and I would say that I’m doing a fairly good job with it as I learn on my feet. I do honestly love being part of an esports organization though.

There are some things that I… do disagree on, as it relates to streaming as a whole, though.

I’m never going to have sexual streams. I just want everyone to know that the idea is completely out the window. It is not an option. It will never be an option. Being sexual on stream is just something that I do not, and will never, feel comfortable with, and I don’t want to be known as doing so. I don’t think any less of the people who do so, who make money off of doing so, but doing so is just not me. Let’s close the door on that.

Although I will never make my kids stream with me, if they come onto camera I will respond to them and give them whatever level of comfort they request. Telling me not to do so, or telling me “to shove baby in the closet”, is not and will never be an option. There are multiple reasons why I will not do this, so stop asking me to do this. I’m going to be less polite on this one. I’m probably going to be far less polite on this one.

I have since finally set the webcam up! Go me!

For Christmas, I got the kids one of those gaming chairs that you can rock back and forth in. I can sit in it too if I’d like to, even though the last time I sat in one of these was when I myself was a child so it feels a bit awkward (and will take some getting used to). I can certainly fit on it, and sit on it, no problem… except for the whole “rocking back and forth” thing because that feels awkward due to me not having done it in decades. I also got a new webcam for our computer, and a much better one at that, for streaming purposes. The kids can also use it to talk to relatives of theirs on Zoom if they would like, although I don’t think any relatives that I know of have Zoom, so I’d have to walk them through the process of setting all of that up on whatever computer or mobile device they use. If it’s something that the kids want to do, I’m in support of it.

I also got a larger HDD for our laptop so that Bub can store more of his games on it, which he will love!

In addition, I know that I’m getting the Corpse Husband gloomy bear and a copy of the hoodie he put out.

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