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May this be the best happy birthday meme found.

I am hosting this on the heels of yet another hosting… app, group, organization, whatever you want to call them, cracking down on password sharing (as is something that I have completely come to expect at this point, so I’m not going to get into a whole lot of detail about how I feel about that except for what I’m about to write here in this post). I’ve been comfortable sharing my streaming credentials to various streaming organizations and groups that I have accounts on with my best friend, who is the person in charge of my Twitch streams while I stream. And god forbid, if I ever actually have an epileptic seizure while streaming he is able to take control of my computer to end the stream. I do not see a single problem with allowing him to watch my Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ with this in mind, and now all of a sudden I can not do that? Excuse me?

Since my birthday is coming up soon, wish lists!

If anyone needs sizes from me because the Etsy wish list doesn’t supply that information (as it may not), you can e-mail me here if you need to! Since this is my personal blog, it doesn’t really facilitate private messaging — well, other than leaving comments, anyways — like some of the other sites that I use, which is a shame.

I do love my new e-mail address though, which I was given the opportunity to make on a friend’s website.

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