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May this be the best happy birthday meme found.

I am hosting this on the heels of yet another hosting… app, group, organization, whatever you want to call them, cracking down on password sharing (as is something that I have completely come to expect at this point, so I’m not going to get into a whole lot of detail about how I feel about that except for what I’m about to write here in this post). I’ve been comfortable sharing my streaming credentials to various streaming organizations and groups that I have accounts on with my best friend, who is the person in charge of my Twitch streams while I stream. And god forbid, if I ever actually have an epileptic seizure while streaming he is able to take control of my computer to end the stream. I do not see a single problem with allowing him to watch my Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ with this in mind, and now all of a sudden I can not do that? Excuse me?

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