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This… didn’t actually surprise me, but here we are.

Spanish has become my most studied language on here because I’ve managed to retain a lot more of it than I’d realized through two years of it in high school and, well, living where I do (which is still something that I hope to change). Here in a bit I’m going to be getting some notebooks so that I can write down words (and verb conjugations) for each language, and hiragana and katakana for Japanese to help me learn it faster.

I’m continuing to have a lot of fun with Duolingo!

I’m not sure why this image… compressed in the manner that it did, but I will take my wins where I can get them. It did so everywhere on all of the social media accounts that I uploaded it to, as I do when any of these images become available to me. But the app got the majority of this image, so I’m happy for the most part.

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