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I gave Bub a haircut in seven whole minutes, folks!

He loves crew cuts so much. What can I say, though? Other than being so thankful for the short-acting sedative he has now been prescribed for… situations like these, and attempting to give a haircut has been a “situation like these” for years! This medication has become an absolute game-changer for Bub. I love that.

Glad Twitter’s as antisemitic as we thought.

Which, in other words, is been “it’s been antisemitic since Musk’s acquisition, so why hope for it now?”.

But glad to know that I can’t defend myself against blatant antisemitic insults and slurs without Twitter flagging my Tweet defending myself from these things as “Violation(s) Found”, but the antisemitic insults and slurs being leveled at me to begin with were… no, nothing to see here, folks. If I had a Twitter tag already on here I would add this post to that tag, but Musk’s hellscape isn’t even worth making a tag for at this point given that I don’t know how much longer I’m going to use the site. And although someone else has been paying for my Twitter account so that we can use the metrics for content creation purposes, that person who made the decision to take me on as a content creator in the manner that they have may no longer feel comfortable continuing to monetize content creators like this on sites that are increasingly becoming antisemitic and transphobic. I’m not going to miss the blue tick if the decision is made to stop monetizing content creators like this and take it away, though, and I am sure not going to pay for it as long as Musk owns the hellscape in question. Although I have been happy to provide my internal statistics to the person who made the offer to pay for my account in exchange for those and we’ve had an amicable relationship, it wouldn’t bother me at all if this was rescinded on the basis of increasing antisemitism and transphobia.

Look babe, new single just dropped! That single is “Musk Continuing to Pay For His Bad Decisions”. I love it.

I thought I was the only one to remember this.

Growing up, I was hooked on the video game that came out for the Nintendo on this, and I loved the comic book series and Saturday morning cartoon that this had. For awhile, I thought I was the only one that actually remembered any of this. (Of course, it should go without saying that Jenny was my favorite, heh.)

All of the games to play, so little time to play them!

Since we have a Nintendo Online subscription (I’m pretty sure that’s what you call “having paid for additional services”, seeing as how they are the cheapest of the three… add-on services, between Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, and definitely worth it for what you can get), Bub and I have been playing Kirby’s Adventure, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Splatoon 2 online with people whenever we’ve had some additional time as a direct result of that. Reacquainting with games that I used to play as a child has been really fun, as has being able to show them to my own child… not to mention getting good at some of these games again in front of said child, much to his amusement and my own delight. As time goes on, I’d also like to introduce him to Dr. Mario, some of the Donkey Kong games, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Wario’s Woods, and Yoshi. I may also introduce him to The Legend of Zelda since it’s also on here. There are also the old Super Nintendo games, and Kirby’s Dream Course, Kirby’s Dream Land 3, Kirby Super Star, Super Mario World, Yoshi’s Island, as well as one of the old Mario Kart games, and possibly another Zelda game that we can play together. These are a lot of additional games free with a subscription!

There’s also the fact that a Nintendo subscription is half the price of a Microsoft or Sony subscription now.

I don’t mind continuing to have a Nintendo subscription for this reason, because we have been utilizing ours.

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