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Remember the whole heart problems thing again?

I put in a refill request for the medication that my primary care physician put me on late last week, it’s… this week now, I have none of it left and am resuming being symptomatic. In spite of that, I’ve still managed to hear a whole lot of nothing back from my doctor’s office. I’ll be contacting them over this next week unless things necessitate sooner care than that again. I would have thought that, at the very least, a refill or two would have been put on this medication… but no. No, it wasn’t. I was given a thirty-day supply of a medication that made me cough uncontrollably and to the point of vocal dysfunction for the first half of that, and by the time it actually began to help, I had none left and my doctor hadn’t responded to the refill request.

This song and dance is going to be fun (and what I mean by that is not fun) if I have to keep repeating it.

Hey, remember the whole “heart problems” thing?

Now that I am finally no longer coughing due to the medication that I was supposedly placed on for this (which doesn’t mean that it was successful, as I shouldn’t have been placed on it to begin with given my health history), I have edema in my leg that has gotten progressively worse and begun to creep further and further up said leg. Even though I’ve had transient periods of edema in the past, none of them have been quite like this — I’m not able to wear any of the pairs of shoes that I own because of this, excepting the pair of CLOAK Slipps that I’ve owned for… ever now, forever now, and getting that on my foot has been a fight.

I’m going to be calling my primary care physician (doctor? physician?) in a few days, hoping that I’m finally able to get through to them because… that’s always been fun, and I’m going to ask about the status of the cardiology referral that was supposed to be sent out. I’m also going to ask for a refill on the medication that I was put on if they don’t want to change it before I see that doctor, and see what needs to be done about my leg. I can almost not bend it at the ankle, and it’s getting to the point where bending it at the knee — or even sitting on that leg, which I do some of the time — has gotten increasingly more awkward. I know that, given my family and health history, the edema is most likely to be caused by… wait for it, the heart problems that have been inheritable on that side of the family. I just want to be able to stand, walk, and use this leg without concern, and this is getting more and more annoying (with the leg less usable) as time goes on.

That was a nice time-traveling experiment… not.

As I prepare to resume streaming, I’m noticing a modest uptake in the amount of seizures I have.

This appears to be something that I am just going to have to deal with and work around. Almost all of them occur during the night, but I always have an aura with them (or a period of time that I feel like absolute shit and proceed to wonder about the cause or causes of instead of going right to my medical history on the first try). And I am on medication for them. My care team is obviously aware of them. As long as they stay within the parameters of the predictable patterns they’ve been having, there’s no need for anyone to panic or be concerned about my health… even though I know that my friends, being my friends, may at least worry a bit.

Still, at the moment, it is ironic in a screwed up way. I had reorganized the gaming computer’s desk and was neatening the wires when it happened and I blacked out, and when I came to I’d thought that only a few minutes had passed. No, it was 4:03AM in the morning. I’d gotten sleep before that taking naps as I am wont to during the day when I feel tired or… like something may happen, so my “sleep debt” isn’t that bad now…

I’m wondering if a medication I take to help me fall and stay asleep may help lessen the seizures I have?

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