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I’m finally almost done taking Paxlovid, y’all!

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I’m not sure if my fever is back because of COVID, if it’s because I tried to stop coasting off of a low dose of prednisone to keep from coughing (as the poison seems to cure the poison in this case) or… what, but I suppose I’ll be finding out as the day goes on. I’m due to take my last dose of Paxlovid this evening, and then my primary care physician wants me to make an appointment to see him sometime next week — depending on his availability, that is — to make sure that I don’t have any long-term… problems (writing posts while on Paxlovid is fun, I swear) as a result of this, and to make sure that it hasn’t worsened my heart or lung problems. Ironically, the only thing that I’m protected from is the cytokine… thing that happens at the end of some COVID-19 infections because I’m immunocompromised, and people who are immunocompromised can’t surmount a cytokine response like that in a lot of — almost all — cases, which is probably the only good thing to come out of all of this and my circumstances. It’s the cytokine (over-)response that kills people.

Then again, with the health problems that I have, COVID-19 could simply kill me by virtue of killing me, so me actually coming down with it was never ideal in the first place. I tried hard for three years to prevent that.

The fever has finally broken on this thing! I hope!

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Meanwhile, I’m listening to this song as I write in here because this is one of the few things from the Supernatural franchise that I like… fandom drama turned me off to nearly the entire thing, and I’m still not watching The Winchesters. I still feel a bit weak from the actual COVID infection, but some of the worst side effects of it and the Paxlovid that I was put on for it are finally going away… we hope! I hope they stay away, for one. And I hope never to get COVID again or, worse, long COVID. I know that long COVID is now a risk…

It took three years of being in a pandemic…

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…but I finally tested positive for COVID on Monday, which really wasn’t that surprising, to be honest.

I was prescribed Paxlovid as soon as my primary care physician found out, and sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. I’ve been oscillating through symptoms of something with each dose. My goal is to get the full five days worth of it taken so that I don’t continue to be infectious to other household members, but if it gets to the point that I am completely debilitated by taking Paxlovid, tougher decisions will have to be made. First there was the fever. Then came the nausea. The fever decided to come back. And now there’s the weakness, which I really hope goes away. If there are two things I can’t stand, it’s nausea and weakness that is not made better by napping or sleeping. It makes “Paxlovid mouth” pale in comparison, because I mean… there’s Topamax, which also alters how you perceive taste. So I’m kind of used to that already. Weakness not made better by rest is something else though, and something completely different. I would not wish this on anyone. I’m just hoping that the worst of these symptoms clear up soon. …really soon.