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All of this is old hat at this point but it will do.

Sometimes the pain is tolerable… like when I’m being given IV treatment at the hospital. Good times!

Going home, though? As hours elapse? Not so much. Not nearly so much at all.

When both of the boys have woken up, I’m going to call my primary care physician’s weekend (“emergency”) line and explain this to him if I can get a hold of him. I shouldn’t have to be going up to the hospital several times in a row with results being like they are. I’d like to be able to speak. I’d like for any pain or discomfort to stay moderate, and Norco isn’t doing that right now. We’ll see how that goes when they have woken up and I have spoken to the man, because this could go any which way. I just want to be able to eat, drink, and speak with some degree of normalcy. I also need to set survivor’s benefits up for my family toward the end of the week given what happened to his father. I’ll get through it if I have to get through it, but being in a lot less pain will certainly help matters out. It will certainly make my speech sound clearer, which we do need!

Well, this has predictably went worse than I’d hoped.

I’ve seen the doctor a few times for the bite wound now, go home after being treated in the hospital, several hours elapse with the Norco that they give me and I am right back to the excruciating pain. Not understating.

It just dawned on me in that I just remembered that my primary care physician has an emergency, or off-call, number. Depending on how I feel by then I am really thinking that I should give that number a call. I just need to make it to where I can speak and be understood for the duration of the call, but I know that he will take me seriously. He has always taken my needs seriously. But this has been a spectacular taste of a weekend, even though I don’t blame my son at all for what he didn’t even mean to do and would never even think of blaming him. Not for a single solitary second. I need a weekend for y weekend if you get what I mean…

Tomorrow is going to be fun, I can just tell.

As I’m sure a lot of you already know, I was headbutt by my youngest son while I was eating and managed to bite my lip — hard — instead of the food I was supposed to bite down on. This hasn’t been healing the way I had expected or had wanted it to, I have been in substantial pain due to this injury, as I’d realized…

Tomorrow I see the doctor for it, and the game plan is to check my jaw to make sure that nothing substantial happened to that, to check the injury itself, and to prescribe pain medication to tide me over until it heals, which sounds fantastic to me. Although there will be a bit of a wait to see the doctor (a wait for my name to be called, I’m guessing), I’m ready. I want this looked at. I want to be in a lot less pain. In the wise words of… whomenever, let’s do this. I do hope that my pain is taken seriously though. I expect it to be at this doctor.

I want to get back on my feet and get back to doing the things I’ve been doing without, well, you know, pain.

I should have written this post sooner, but…

I bit my lip when I was eating some food, although I was… helped by my youngest son headbutting me.

I have lidocaine at home since this isn’t my first rodeo with things like this, and I’ve been in contact with my care team relaying symptoms. With any luck it will heal in the next several days such that I won’t have to do anything more about it, but if it doesn’t, I know what to do about it by about Friday or so. If it gets to that point, I’m just going to ask the local hospital to give me prophylactic antibiotics on site (we remember the rodeo with doxycycline, do we not?) and do whatever they have to do to promote healing, which may involve a bit of stitching. At this point though I am not going to care and will not care. They can do whatever the nice men and women in suits have to do to make it to where this thing actually heals with as few complications as possible. Because my youngest son is the one who is autistic and non-verbal, and he sometimes doesn’t think through what he does before he does it, I don’t blame him or hold him accountable for any of this at all. It was an accident and could have been worse than it was. That much I’m thankful for, unpleasant as this is.

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