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So we’re back to playing Splatoon 2, folks.

So I’ve gotten back into playing Splatoon 2, and Bub continues to like it just as much as he did when Splatoon was the newest game in the series and the WiiU was Nintendo’s newest console. It took me a few matches to familiarize myself with what buttons did what in the game, especially because we never actually play it on the television — we always play it handheld — but then it began coming back to me, and I resumed decimating the opposing team with the roller, especially on the maps I’ve always been good at.

I’ve also managed to nail 2,000 points in a few matches, too, which is certainly no easy feat at all!

As far as Splatoon 2 goes, it’s a lot easier and more fun to play than any of the Halo games have ever been to me. For some reason, I do a lot better maneuvering around in video games when I can actually see all of my character, and Splatoon has never been extremely competitive. It seems to attract the kind of people who like shooter games but also just want to have fun, who tend to be my kind of people. I like these games, but I think this entire blog has made it clear that I don’t take gaming extremely seriously, and I try to surround myself with like-minded gamers who do not take gaming extremely seriously or even just particular genres.

It’s totally a team effort when we win. Completely. Bub contributes in his own meaningful way to wins.