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I’m thirty-six. I don’t abide by childish behavior.

I found a streaming server that I decided to join.

For awhile I thought it was great.

And then the whole “I don’t want to be an active part of drama, and I’m going to leave situations that try to drag me into it” thing kicked in, because my blog and Twitter account make clear the fact that the friends that I had in high school and early adulthood were hacktivists, some of whom would later go on to… hack things in less than savory manners, several of whom would go on to become white hat hackers with very lucrative jobs, many of whom would make programming a hobby of theirs that they did in their spare time (which spawned the re-AOL project, as a matter of fact), and this snidely came up on that server even though the only relation that it had to this server was a hell of a stretch — I happen to have been in the same friends’ circle as Lamo, Adrian Lamo, the person who turned Chelsea Manning in for what she did. Almost all of us vehemently disagree with Lamo’s course of action, as does Julian Assange, and as do many hacktivists, even if Chelsea herself forgave him for what he did. But it is what it is. I did find it… interesting that he might have died a death related to kratom of all things though (I did read his Wikipedia article, heh).

At any rate, I decided to leave the server even though I met a lot of awesome people on it and made a lot of great friends. I was talking about the people that I grew up around with one other member of the server, and a mod made it clear that he didn’t like it — he deleted everything that the other person and I said, and he muted both of us. I don’t put up with childish behavior in places that are supposed to have adults on them, so without saying a word, I just quit the server. For better or for worse, I grew up with these people. Sometimes we don’t see eye to eye on issues, but for the most part, the majority of us act like adults most of the time now. We might not have when we were growing up and when we were young adults, but almost all of us do now, and I suppose that’s what matters. I’ve had to remind a few people that I am autistic and that they need to stop expecting me to conduct myself in a neurotypical manner — in other words, masking — but I have faith they’ll get with the program soon enough (maybe I should charge money for them doing it).

I’ve also been watching Evangelion on Amazon Prime now that I have that, and it exceeds my expectations.