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It’s been this way for awhile, but why not post?

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Discord lets you choose layouts if you have Nitro! I liked a lot of them but chose to go with this one.

And regarding what I wrote about in my last post: I would go so far as to say that the majority of my hobbies and interests are encapsulated in what I am — or am not — willing to talk about on Discord. (Notice that I’ve joined absolutely no fandom-related servers, and it’s going to stay that way for as long as I use this thing…)

Let’s just say that I am slightly more likely to want to discuss the fact that I do not believe in god, living in the Bible belt, than I am to want to discuss the “meta” of anything that has a fandom and I am fine with that.

I seriously need to come up with subject lines.

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So I’ve decided to dye my hair blue. I’ve been wanting to for a really long time, and I finally decided to do it.

I also reinstalled Duolingo on my phone and am going to attempt to get as far as I can — as far as my brain will let me — in French. I took two years of Spanish in high school and didn’t retain it afterward, although living where I do I know enough to introduce myself and ask for basic needs. Truth be told, I didn’t actually retain a lot of what I learned in secondary school aside from the absolute basics (even though I taught myself a lot of things as well, being precocious). That’s one of many reasons that I’ve chosen to homeschool my children. The district that we currently live in leaves a lot to be desired, and they’re actually taken to court quite frequently for not following the IEPs — Individualized Education Program, which is legally binding — and they lose a lot of times in court. But there are other problems with this school district, and public education as well. They only stack on top of each other and get worse, so this is our way of avoiding it.

In about a year or so, I expect my graduating class to plan and have a twenty-year reunion (and wow, does typing that out make me feel old). I didn’t attend the ten-year one and I have absolutely no desire to attend this one or subsequent ones. I hope they save themselves some trouble and just… don’t invite me at all, heh.

And let me tell you, when I was watching Supernatural I never really listened to the end music. My bad.

Today is going to be an extremely busy day.

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· make-up speech therapy sessions for both of the boys in the morning
· continue to add the finishing touches to the kids’ homeschool progress notes as I think of them
· commute to the kids’ developmental pediatrician’s office
· take the kids to see the developmental pediatrician for their six-month follow-ups
· commute back home from the kids’ developmental pediatrician’s office
· put finishing touches on the homeschool curriculum for the last half of the calendar year onward

Nothing to see here, we’re tired of the pandemic.

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So the federal increase in SNAP benefits has ended this month. Most states have ceased their proclamations of… emergency, or whatever each state calls them. We are effectively pretending that we are no longer in a pandemic when we clearly continue to meet the criteria for continuing to be in a pandemic, and it’s all because the pandemic has inconvenienced enough people in positions of power that now all of those who are high-risk get to face the increased dangers of it hoping that they don’t get COVID-19 themselves (or again, or again and again). I think we’re somewhere in the 30,000s of infections confirmed at doctor’s offices every fourteen days in this state, but… no. Nothing to see here. Move along, folks. We’ve decided that the pandemic is Over because we are tired of having to change how we live to make sure higher-risk people don’t unnecessarily get infected — or worse — with it. And according to the metrics that the state of Texas does keep, we’re beginning to trend upward in cases again, so this is hardly endemic at this point. But still.

If we ever actually thoroughly get over this thing and enter true endemic status, it won’t be because of humanity, but it will be in spite of humanity. I’m a pessimist here though. I’ve had COVID-19 once (and hope never to have it again), and I’ve seen how people in my home state treat COVID (“like the flu, no big deal”).