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I intend on getting back to streaming soon!

My gaming computer (or, as I like to call it, our gaming computer) is hardwired, as I’ve mentioned!

Download speeds are almost phenomenal at this point, especially when they are compared to previous speeds, and upload speeds are so much more stable. I’m looking forward to resuming streaming soon, although I need to figure out whether or not I want to restart games to have more streaming hours with them streaming them from the beginning or… not. I know that was a mouthful. And I do know that I want to add some games to the assortment of games that I’m already streaming, one of which being Cuphead complete with DLC. Not only do I like it — it may be extremely difficult, but it’s adorable, so I put up with it in spite of that — but one of my friends who tries as hard as he can to watch my streams in spite of being in a different time zone (Freeza, -2 hours from me) likes it, so I figured… why not? If repeated deaths annoy me too much I can always take a break from it and play other games until I’m ready to pick it back up, whenever that date may be. I don’t need to burn myself out on something I like that I want to make into something…

How do you get PageRank in 2020, anyway?

Back in the day, when I had two blogs attached to a domain of mine via subdomain, it wasn’t that difficult to get PageRank on both of them… but this was “in the day” when self-hosted blogging was more popular than it was, so PageRank just kind of came to them over time. Now I’m checking my blog’s PageRank on sites like Google PageRank Checker (not a plug, honestly! just a site that I use), wondering when or even if this blog will ever obtain some sort of PageRank. If I ever want to do anything in the way of this blog, having some kind of PageRank on that would not only be nice, it would be kind of instrumental… or that’s what I’ve been led to believe, anyway. I’m still led to believe that Google PageRank is a pretty important metric to consider.

I guess this is something that I’m going to have to figure out for myself and to play by ear. Admittedly, blogging isn’t quite as popular as it used to be, although I’m obviously very glad that people still do blog.

When my site crashes, it’s like third baby crashing.

Another thing that I didn’t mention in here was that last month, for the better part of one evening and… through the following night, my site actually crashed. Part of this was due to my site’s host, although they were good about letting me know this when I submitted a ticket. For some strange reason, the other part of this was due to my SSL, which I was able to fix the following morning once my site’s hosting came back up. In the interim, it was like my third child had crashed, though. However, I attribute it to the nortriptyline that my neurologist has me on for migraine prophylaxis that I was more mellowed out about it than I would otherwise have been — at the very least, my blog crashing for several hours would have upset me more than it actually did (and I mean, it did bother me that my site was down for roughly twelve hours, but it didn’t distress me). But at any rate, I do have some really nice SSL going for my blog now due to it, which is good.

I think it would actually bother me more if Instagram crashed for a long time, because for all intents and purposes I should be the world record holder for most pictures taken on it (116,000 and counting… and yes, that is how many pictures I’ve actually taken on there). My account there is private right now, though I would be willing to open it up and keep it open if that would allow me to actually get the world record for that, heh.

Since I’ve been uploading most of my Facebook videos to our YouTube account, who knows though… maybe I’ll inadvertently get the world record for most videos posted over there since all of those have to be public by default. I might trip and fall myself into a world record. It’ll happen before I know it. At some point it has to.

I’m back again, with a change of hosts!

Previously, I had been hosted on AwardSpace, and they met the majority of my site’s needs… except for the fact that they only offered, at their base tier, 50MB worth of space per MySQL database. For someone that wrote a decently sized blog post once a day and didn’t use any plugins other than ones that cleaned up their database, this wouldn’t have been hard to hit at all. As a matter of fact, I managed to use 1% of that in a month just writing one post per day in here, try as I might to use as little space as possible. And that was when I knew that I needed to find another host, because it would have been cost-prohibitive to continue to stay with them when so many other site hosts out there offered better deals for more affordable prices. For a site that offered unlimited bandwidth and space at that base tier, but refused to offer even a remotely decent MySQL database size, I couldn’t help but wonder what must have been going through their heads when they made each of their hosting packages… other than maybe trying to make as much money off of people wanting to blog as they possibly could. And their cPanel wasn’t even shy about it at all. “If you hit your MySQL database size, either start deleting things in it to free up some space or upgrade your hosting”.

After giving it some thought, I decided that our new website host would be Hostinger. They offer a lot of space, their allotted bandwidth is great, and although their MySQL database size isn’t unlimited, it’s still pretty large. Three gigabytes compared to 50MB is like night and day. I can run the plugins that I need to run, look for any more that might be helpful to have, write as much as I would like to write per blog entry without having to worry about whether or not I’m going to go up another percentage point, and not have to worry about if or even when I’m going to max out on the database size. That’s one less thing to worry about here.