How do you get PageRank in 2020, anyway?

Back in the day, when I had two blogs attached to a domain of mine via subdomain, it wasn’t that difficult to get PageRank on both of them… but this was “in the day” when self-hosted blogging was more popular than it was, so PageRank just kind of came to them over time. Now I’m checking my blog’s PageRank on sites like Google PageRank Checker (not a plug, honestly! just a site that I use), wondering when or even if this blog will ever obtain some sort of PageRank. If I ever want to do anything in the way of this blog, having some kind of PageRank on that would not only be nice, it would be kind of instrumental… or that’s what I’ve been led to believe, anyway. I’m still led to believe that Google PageRank is a pretty important metric to consider.

I guess this is something that I’m going to have to figure out for myself and to play by ear. Admittedly, blogging isn’t quite as popular as it used to be, although I’m obviously very glad that people still do blog.

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