about the domain

I’ve actually been blogging in some form or fashion for as long back as I can remember, although it hasn’t always been with WordPress. However, I have used self-hosted WordPress on varying domains over the course of several years at a time. But the need for privacy due to… certain individuals that I am not going to get into — or even name — caused me to lock down almost all of my social networking pages, and privatize the ones that weren’t locked down (such as not using our real names on any of them, which was and is a necessary move, at least for now). As an adolescent, I began to teach myself basic HTML as a hobby, and I retained most of that after the birth of my first son and for at least a few years following the birth of my second until life became so busy that my interest in web coding went to the wayside for as long as it did.

I chose the name Serah because Serah Farron from the Final Fantasy XIII series (some call it the Fabula Nova Crystallis series) quickly became one of my favorite characters, and the domain name happened not to be taken. Several other domain names that I wanted, or was interested in, were taken, and I didn’t want to wait for a few of them that were close to expiring at the time to drop to see if the registrant was really going to let them drop when one that I wanted was available to be registered. It also happens to be something that the… individuals in question that I am not going to name would have a more difficult time initially guessing would be related to me in any form or fashion, which was another reason that I contemplated choosing it and ultimately went with it as the domain that I wanted. Having been a fan of Final Fantasy since I was an adolescent, I thought that it was fitting for that reason, as it was one of the first gaming franchises I liked.

This domain is currently registered by NuNames.NU and hosted by Hostinger.