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I just felt like I would mention this in here…

Yesterday I saw posts on Facebook wishing the Power Rangers franchise’s Pua Magasiva a happy late birthday… you know, the Red Ranger from Ninja Storm. (I’ll get to watching more seasons, I swear.)

For those of you who don’t already know, the actor behind Ninja Storm‘s Red Ranger committed suicide as a result of his domestic violence convictions becoming public knowledge, as the name suppression order he’d wanted to keep on them expired and the judge overseeing the case refused to renew it. This happened in 2019, and every year since then Power Rangers fans have wished him a happy birthday each year when his birthday rolls around. I don’t feel like celebrating anything that has to do with him as much as I feel like forgetting about him, and letting him remain forgotten, due to being a domestic violence survivor. This is, and always has been, different from the tragic circumstances surrounding Jason David Frank’s death. I’ll get around to watching Ninja Storm, but I really do not want to hear about Pua Magasiva in a positive light.

Not that we shouldn’t have seen this coming.

Enough journalists wrote news articles running with half-truths (or even better, no truths at all) that Jason David Frank’s widow had to come forward as soon as she could, which wound up being right after his celebration of life and funeral, to clear the air on what had really happened leading up to his death. This shouldn’t have been something that she should have had to do, but obviously sick journalists and paparazzi made this necessary due to how famous Jason David Frank was and how desperate they were to pen a piece about him that… as it would turn about, that should surprise no one, wasn’t even true. At the time, all that was definitively known was his cause of death because of how he had been found, and no one had bothered to talk to his wife — his widow — all the way up until this point. This still shouldn’t surprise me.

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