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I don’t think I’m capable of doing fandom at all.

There are shows that I want to watch, like Lucifer and The Boys — to name just two of them — that… for the life of me, I can’t commit to actually watching even though I could make the time for them after the boys have gone to bed and fallen asleep for the night. This seems to be why it was so easy for me to fall out of fandom in 2012, although that was more a matter of me pretending to like things that I did not actually like at all, whereas the decision to fall out of fandom this time was brought about because of the drama, negativity and toxicity that fandom circles have in them and the fact that I did not want to continue pretending to like something more than I actually liked that thing. At some point I suppose I’ll get around to it and watch the shows that I want to watch (oh, and The Walking Dead and everything that’s related to that), but it will be on my terms and on my own time. If I want to take a break I am absolutely taking that break.

Another amusing tidbit to note is that it actually took me several years to finish Supernatural, which I did on Netflix. I would drop it for six months here, a whole year here… it would just get to the point where I didn’t want to continue watching it, where I wanted a break from watching this television show, so I just took one. I didn’t get into the fandom for it until 2020 (which to this day I regret doing), but it had taken me at least several years to watch and finish the show, and by the time the finale had aired I was still catching up on episodes on Netflix. You know, I can kind of see why the few people I know in person who know that I like Supernatural have a hard time wrapping their heads around me liking it. That actually kind of amuses me.

So I’m now watching Lucifer on Netflix.

True to my word, I’m not watching anything on the CW.

At the encouragement of many of my friends, I began watching Lucifer on Netflix. I do have to say that I like it a lot, and for more reasons than the fact that the main character is Lucifer. I’m glad to be getting away from Supernatural, even though I continue to be active in the fandom and frequently talking to people who liked the good parts of it as much as I do (did?). I’ve made sizable progress getting through the first season.

Did they finally actually fix this? Or…

So I’ve begun playing Ragnarok Online again, and… I found a server where you can actually instruct your Homunculus (alchemist’s… special pet) to attack with AI. This makes me unbelievably happy, because a lot of the alchemist’s appeal for me comes in the fact that it has a specialized pet that can be “trained” to attack, helping you get base XP. Once I get my Homunculus, aptly named after Bub, to base level thirty or so, it can probably comfortably take on Orcs in the Orc Dungeon from the sound of things, and I can sit there and watch him do so because I’m not comfortable with the idea of AFKmisting even if certain servers allow it. Plus, if it needs to be fed or actually dies, I do need to stand up in-game and do something about that.

I’m not sure if this was a fix orchestrated by the owners of the server or if Gravity actually relented when it came to allowing alchemists to use AI to instruct their Homunculus to automatically attack surrounding monsters, but it does make me happy. Someone was nice enough to help me level my acolyte up to priest and my merchant up to alchemist, and I may make a mage and soul linker in the future. I’m not sure whether I want my mage to become a wizard or sage, but I do know that my TaeKwon Girl will become a soul linker as soon as I can get her there. I may also make a magic-proficient ninja for kicks because, well, why not…

In other news, I also did exactly what I had been saying that I would do and only watched the part of the series finale of Supernatural where Sam and Dean were reunited with each other in Heaven. I seriously told people that I was not going to watch the absolute disaster that was the series, let alone season, finale on Netflix, and I meant it. Watching it on my computer allowed me to fast forward to that point without there being the same glitches that manifested themselves when trying to watch it on my phone. Now I have to decide whether I want to watch Lucifer or The Walking Dead. I am going to try to stay away from the CW.

Like I’ve mentioned, I am here for the Supernatural fandom, but no longer for the show if that makes sense.

I mean, this was kind of obvious here, but…

I’ve decided that whenever I finish Supernatural on Netflix, as soon as the final episode rolls about I am going to fast forward all the way to the end where Sam finally reunites in Heaven with Dean after having gotten to live the rest of his life out. But due to… everything about the final episode, I’ve been ignoring Supernatural (and even Netflix) like the plague. I’ve had time to finish the series out, which I am at some point, but the final episode was handled so badly that I am actively avoiding it now. Go figure. But technically I will have watched every episode of Supernatural, even though I intend on continuing to ignore the final episode. The people that (sometimes continue to) call it “the perfect ending” continue to confuse me.

Like I said, I’ll continue to be active in the fandom, but I don’t want to give it another watch.

After I’m done with Supernatural, I think I’m going to start on Lucifer or The Walking Dead… I need to check and see if that last one is (still?) on Netflix, although I think it is. One of the good things about starting Lucifer now is that it doesn’t seem to have quite as many episodes as The Walking Dead, although I’ll need to check on that and that won’t actually influence my decision that much. It’ll just make it easier to get through (heh).

However, I intend on watching CW shows as little as possible given their track record of doing what they do.

Once I’m done with Supernatural, what next?

After I watch all of the episodes of season fifteen of Supernatural, whenever that day actually is… as stated, I will continue to be active in the fandom, but I won’t be giving the series a rewatch at any point in the future. I might have considered it if the nineteenth episode of the fifteenth season was well and truly the last one of the series, but the very last episode of the series and the season messed things up so much for me and a lot of other Supernatural fans that I think one complete watch of the series is all I can give it. It’s not like any of the Supernatural executives in any way regret the handling of that episode, least of all Andrew Dabb, the executive producer and writer of several episodes (am I getting this right? I think I am) by gleefully announcing that only 30% of people would like the series finale, followed by him practically going into hiding when… wait for it, wait… almost no one liked the finale. He has not come out to play on social media since.

I’m going to continue to stay away from shows that air on the CW, especially if they’re extremely popular, but also as a rule helping to boycott the CW. However, I’ve heard enough good things about Lucifer that I think I’m going to give that show a watch since it is on Netflix, and I’m going to finish up watching the BBC’s interpretation of Sherlock since I never actually finished that. At some point in the future since it’s been “forgotten about”, I may make a bit of an exception to boycotting the CW — I’ll still be boycotting active shows on it, don’t get me wrong — and finish up The Vampire Diaries, especially since that show wasn’t quite butchered like Supernatural was. It also has a special place in my heart for a number of reasons…