I mean, this was kind of obvious here, but…

I’ve decided that whenever I finish Supernatural on Netflix, as soon as the final episode rolls about I am going to fast forward all the way to the end where Sam finally reunites in Heaven with Dean after having gotten to live the rest of his life out. But due to… everything about the final episode, I’ve been ignoring Supernatural (and even Netflix) like the plague. I’ve had time to finish the series out, which I am at some point, but the final episode was handled so badly that I am actively avoiding it now. Go figure. But technically I will have watched every episode of Supernatural, even though I intend on continuing to ignore the final episode. The people that (sometimes continue to) call it “the perfect ending” continue to confuse me.

Like I said, I’ll continue to be active in the fandom, but I don’t want to give it another watch.

After I’m done with Supernatural, I think I’m going to start on Lucifer or The Walking Dead… I need to check and see if that last one is (still?) on Netflix, although I think it is. One of the good things about starting Lucifer now is that it doesn’t seem to have quite as many episodes as The Walking Dead, although I’ll need to check on that and that won’t actually influence my decision that much. It’ll just make it easier to get through (heh).

However, I intend on watching CW shows as little as possible given their track record of doing what they do.

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