I got Bub another shirt like this in a new size!

word count: 82

I got Bub another shirt that says “non-compliance is a social skill”, this time in Youth XL to reflect the fact that he’s grown as he’s gotten older, and… of course he wouldn’t comply and put the shirt on correctly, he would insist on wearing it backwards and not letting me take a picture of the text on the shirt the entire time.

Maybe tomorrow, or the day after, I’ll get a picture of him actually wearing the shirt as intended, heh…

And in case anyone is still wondering, heh…

word count: 312

It is a bitch to change the television over from gaming to actual television because of how many peripherals are connected to it. That said, it is not something that I like doing, so I only do it when it is… necessary….

And the last time it was necessary was when I watched the most recent episode of Doctor Who.

That should tell you all some of the things I haven’t watched or didn’t watch. Surprisingly, Supernatural fans that were supposed to be “on my side” began to block me on Twitter because I made the decision not to watch The Winchesters until at least the end of the first season with the explanation as to why so much of what we knew about John and Mary was retconned. That said, the more I think about it — even though I like the cast, especially Jojo — the more I don’t think I’m going to watch it at all unless something drastically changes in subsequent seasons. I knew from the start that it was going to be explained by way of alternate universe (bingo) or memory wipe, and being able to guess exactly how it was going to fit into the established Supernatural world in a way that wasn’t comfortable to me didn’t sit well with me. John and Mary’s stories continue to be things that I am not exceedingly interested in, even changed as they are in The Winchesters. I would have loved to see Wayward Sisters come to screen, but that’s neither here nor there.

If you’re expecting me to watch The Winchesters at some point, it is almost assured not to happen. I’m sorry.

There’s also the fact that I am completely neutral about whether or not it does renew for subsequent seasons. I’m not an avid television show watcher. I’ve probably only liked five or six shows my entire life.

In case anyone out there might be wondering…

word count: 457

I haven’t done a thorough rewatch of Supernatural since the show ended, and I’m not sure that I’m going to for at least a little awhile. It’s just not something that is high on my list of media-consuming priorities right now, sparse as those continue to be (I’m continuing to make my way through The Boys, and I want to watch the David Shaw documentary, the movie made about the Nutty Putty tragedy, and rewatch 65_RedRoses at some point… I will make time, and find the spoons, for that last one). Some of the people that I know on Twitter are already through several rewatches of it, and that’s actually pretty impressive given how many episodes Supernatural has. Hats off. Although I do make time to rewatch some of the things that I like a lot, it tends to take me a long time to do so, and even still — this doesn’t make Supernatural special in a good way, nor does it make it special in a bad way. As the saying goes, I’ll get around to it when I get around to it.

People that met me because of a mutually shared interest in Supernatural might be surprised to find out that I am just not that much of a movie or television show buff. I never have been… and I probably never will be.

Obviously I have not watched The Winchesters yet, as I continue to have mixed opinions on that (and am not the sort of person who has intense brand loyalty to a movie or television show franchise, even if I liked the mothership). For instance, I liked The Vampire Diaries but have not gotten around to The Originals yet (Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries were probably the only two recent television shows that The CW made that I liked… see the above statement made on me and just not being a movie or television show buff). As I’ve stated a few times now, I felt like John and Mary’s stories were told well enough on Supernatural, and neither of them happened to be two of my favorite characters. I also had concerns with how The Winchesters‘ deviations from canon would still manage to fit into Supernatural‘s world and wanted to reserve final judgment on that until at least the end of the first season, where everything about that was supposed to be revealed in a satisfactory manner. To be honest, I still have mixed opinions on that, and I’m going to continue to wait to watch it even though I like what I have seen and heard so far about the cast…

I’ve continued to wish everyone well who has tuned in, though, and who will continue to tune in if renewed.