My oldest son, giving his father a hug.

Taken and shared with his permission. In the meantime, I’ve been discussing becoming a motivational speaker for MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), speaking to high school-aged students in the hope that sharing my oldest son’s father’s story discourages them from getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle drunk or high. If my actions save even one person’s life, telling his father’s story will always be worthwhile.

Another item of jewelry has come in the mail!

This one was gifted to me by a good friend, along with a pentagram necklace and brooch (is that the proper word to use?) that has the Wiccan Rede on it, all because these things were in some way important to my oldest son’s father. And this one was chosen because my son’s father was born on the Autumnal equinox.

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