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And in case anyone is still wondering, heh…

It is a bitch to change the television over from gaming to actual television because of how many peripherals are connected to it. That said, it is not something that I like doing, so I only do it when it is… necessary….

And the last time it was necessary was when I watched the most recent episode of Doctor Who.

That should tell you all some of the things I haven’t watched or didn’t watch. Surprisingly, Supernatural fans that were supposed to be “on my side” began to block me on Twitter because I made the decision not to watch The Winchesters until at least the end of the first season with the explanation as to why so much of what we knew about John and Mary was retconned. That said, the more I think about it — even though I like the cast, especially Jojo — the more I don’t think I’m going to watch it at all unless something drastically changes in subsequent seasons. I knew from the start that it was going to be explained by way of alternate universe (bingo) or memory wipe, and being able to guess exactly how it was going to fit into the established Supernatural world in a way that wasn’t comfortable to me didn’t sit well with me. John and Mary’s stories continue to be things that I am not exceedingly interested in, even changed as they are in The Winchesters. I would have loved to see Wayward Sisters come to screen, but that’s neither here nor there.

If you’re expecting me to watch The Winchesters at some point, it is almost assured not to happen. I’m sorry.

There’s also the fact that I am completely neutral about whether or not it does renew for subsequent seasons. I’m not an avid television show watcher. I’ve probably only liked five or six shows my entire life.

I streamed for the first time yesterday!

I now have the mic on our desktop set up the way it should be (and, at that, a really nice setup that doesn’t get in the way of anything else… man, I’m loving this right now). The ring light should also be in a position to where it doesn’t look like it’s flickering on the webcam overlay of my streams even though nothing looks like it’s actually flickering in my room. Good times. (I suppose there’s a bit of a learning curve to this. I don’t mind.)

I’m also finding out that some peripherals have to be plugged directly into the computer via USB, not put on one of those splitter things. That’s a bit of a shame because now I’m going to have to juggle things on the peripheral splitters, but it’s nothing that’s completely unmanageable. It’s not as unwieldy as our television currently is. I’ve often made the joke that I don’t want to have to switch our television from gaming to satellite unless I absolutely have to (and I will for Doctor Who… just not anything from The CW, and I mean that). I’m not going to be one of the ones who “comes back” to The CW because Misha Collins is working on a pilot for Gotham Knights for it and Jensen Ackles has secured a script commitment for The Winchesters.

And prednisone is still out here in these streets.

I’ve finished up one of the antibiotics which was for fungal infections and only lasted a few days. Now I have to finish up the other antibiotic, which runs the gamut lasting about as long as these things tend to last, and I have to finish up the low dose of prednisone that both of my doctors want me to end up on (followed by me never touching prednisone again unless it is an imminent, and I mean imminent, matter of life and death… and even then, assuming that I have any choice in the matter by way of having it charted in my medical files, I’m going to want something else first if I can be given something else). There actually seems to be some improvement with the gum and jaw infection that prednisone caused, although I need a lower dose of prednisone to cause the swelling on that side of my mouth to go down and stay down. But for some reason I’ve been having worse migraines since all of this started, even (especially) for me. Par for the course, eh?

At some point I’m going to need to post something up here about “Thasmin going canon” since I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who for quite awhile. It’s actually kind of surprising that I haven’t so far. I got into Doctor Who with the 2012 Christmas special and haven’t looked back. The fandom is also a lot less vitriolic than the Supernatural fandom, and if all fandoms were even remotely like this — I’m aware that most generally are with minimal “fandom drama”, but some of them are not — I might consider going to a convention or two, or at least think about it, but I honestly think that with things the way they are in general right now my best bet is to continue to keep all fandom activities on the Internet (even the good people that I’ve met through them) and not allow them access to my real life. As it is, my real life is markedly different from my “fandom life” anyway to the tune of the fact that I maintain separate social media accounts for fandom-related activities and real ones, excluding Facebook where I run filters on everything so that people I know in real life very infrequently cross paths with those who I know on the Internet, and at that, those who like varying degrees of the favorite things that I do. I may talk about liking Supernatural on my Facebook page, but I scarcely mention anything related to the fandom… or fandoms in general, so no, it’s not “just Supernatural” here.