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Cities: Skylines is clearly committed to the DLC.

Bub owns all of the DLC for this game that is available for purchase and download (and loves the game so much that I will continue to get all meaningful DLC for him… so far that seems to be all of it because none of the DLC has been useless so far), but still. I have never in my life seen so much DLC available for one game until I checked to see what DLC Cities: Skylines had to offer on Epic Games. I may or may not have regrets.

I still need to come up with better subjects…

I’ve decided not to walk every single day on my treadmill, because my lungs aren’t acclimating to it as fast as I thought they would… for someone who went into this knowing that it would take them awhile to get used to exercising anyway, especially with the severity of asthma that I have. Some people have told me that “if I keep at it”, “it” being exercise, that my body and lungs will “get used to it”, and that’s how I’ll get fit and have better lung function… but in spite of almost literally trying this six ways from Sunday, I’m not seeing those results, so I’m going out on a limb here and speculating that those people are understating the frequency and severity of my asthma. For some reason, that seems to be something that happens. People think they can make the most “helpful” suggestions, and then when those suggestions don’t work, it’s like it is a personal offense to them. And it’s not as though I don’t tell these very same people that I have asthma.

For some reason, our copy of The Sims 4 on the PC isn’t quite working as it should. Several panes on the ground are purple and have “?” in them, and Sims are literally getting stuck ridiculously easily. I’ve tried the fix where you manually unstick them (“ResetSim”), but then they get stuck all over again… and no, I’m not running any mods. Hopefully repairing the whole thing through Origin works, because everything else on this computer works just fine and I had to fight like hell to get everything else on this computer to work just fine.