When my site crashes, it’s like third baby crashing.

Another thing that I didn’t mention in here was that last month, for the better part of one evening and… through the following night, my site actually crashed. Part of this was due to my site’s host, although they were good about letting me know this when I submitted a ticket. For some strange reason, the other part of this was due to my SSL, which I was able to fix the following morning once my site’s hosting came back up. In the interim, it was like my third child had crashed, though. However, I attribute it to the nortriptyline that my neurologist has me on for migraine prophylaxis that I was more mellowed out about it than I would otherwise have been — at the very least, my blog crashing for several hours would have upset me more than it actually did (and I mean, it did bother me that my site was down for roughly twelve hours, but it didn’t distress me). But at any rate, I do have some really nice SSL going for my blog now due to it, which is good.

I think it would actually bother me more if Instagram crashed for a long time, because for all intents and purposes I should be the world record holder for most pictures taken on it (116,000 and counting… and yes, that is how many pictures I’ve actually taken on there). My account there is private right now, though I would be willing to open it up and keep it open if that would allow me to actually get the world record for that, heh.

Since I’ve been uploading most of my Facebook videos to our YouTube account, who knows though… maybe I’ll inadvertently get the world record for most videos posted over there since all of those have to be public by default. I might trip and fall myself into a world record. It’ll happen before I know it. At some point it has to.

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