Our hard drive comes in for the clutch!

I found out that you can install Epic Games onto an external hard drive, which makes me so happy.

I don’t have the largest external hard drive in the world, but it’s bigger than the one that is currently on board on this computer. So it’s actually more prudent for me to dedicate an entire external hard drive to games. I got Bub all of the Kingdom Hearts games that came out for the PC for the first time through Epic Games, and their customer service was actually incredibly helpful when I had problems relating to one transaction.

Meanwhile, with my share of the fourth stimulus check I purchased a few more pairs of cyberlox to wear in my hair. I am progressively getting better at wearing them, or at the very least, “sucking less at wearing them”. Phrase it how you like. I also purchased some cosmetics from Colourpop, Deck of Scarlet, and EMcosmetics. This makes me really happy. Purchases from Hot Topic were also made, since why not?

As it was, I needed a new pair of sneakers since my old pair got holes in some slightly awkward places.

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