We have a wider assortment of Steam games.

So I got Bub a whole bunch of games off of Steam, to include many of his favorites, since we have a functioning USB controller (con? joystick? well, it’s not really a joystick). Right now, we’ve been playing Final Fantasy VI. We just got to the point where Sabin separates from the party and you can choose which group of characters you want to do the quests for in whatever order you’d like. I have Fioricet on hand to be able to give myself as needed, although I do wish that I had more doses of it… I’m supposed to make ten doses two pills apiece last for thirty days — either that or twenty doses one pill apiece, but I always need two pills. Two capsules. Whatever. It’s a lot better than none, but this here is a prime example of the War on Pain Patients.

As always, I am down for the Celes Chere life, but I also do like Terra Branford, so… there’s that.

After this, I think we’ll circle back around and play Final Fantasy V… I mean, we have that now on Steam.

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