Why must you do this to me with this game, Steam?

For some reason, I’m fighting to get Ragnarok Online 2 on my computer.

Patching is taking forever, and I am not quite sure why that is. I’ve had to go to the lengths of uninstalling it and reinstalling it. This computer isn’t exactly the most brand new thing on the market, but with the stick of RAM that’s in it, it’s not half bad. Hopefully a fresh reinstall will work, though… I guess I’ll be finding that out.

Maybe it’s a Gravity thing or something. I suppose I’ll be finding that out when I’m done reinstalling it.

Apparently you have to let the entire thing patch all at once, even if that takes forever and a day… literally.

So I guess that is literally what I will be doing if I ever actually want to play this game. Hopefully this is all I have to do to render this game playable on our PC, and will be able to hop right into it once I’ve done that!

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