Stumbling into maintenance mode, eh?

I know that I mentioned this about Ragnarok Online 2, but I just wanted to clarify it.

“Unfortunately, it is with deep regret that we must announce that Ragnarok Online 2 will not be receiving any further support,” the staff wrote on the game’s official forums. “Ragnarok Online 2 has struggled as of late, but in the last few years it was thankfully given new life thanks to outside funding. However, despite all the hard work, Ragnarok Online 2 did not meet expectations. This has regretfully resulted in the removal of the development team assigned to Ragnarok Online 2.”

I wanted to clarify that in case anyone reading this went, oh, well, you can still patch the game if you download it from Steam or something! (No, all of those are old patches if you are brand new to the game.)

The game will still be available for play. Nothing new will be added to it now or in the future though.

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