Say it ain’t so. Or say it isn’t so? Or something?

In my spare time, I’ve been reading some of LaVey’s books since he is considered the modern “father of Satanism”, having founded the first registered Satanic religion. Even though I am a proud member of The Satanic Temple and do not see myself ever wanting to “switch affiliations”, perfectly content with where I am at, I thought that I would give “the other side” a read, have finished The Devil’s Notebook over the course of several evenings — I also read it while my computer was taking awhile to update on several instances — and am reading Satan Speaks! as well, which for some reason I like a bit more. I’m not sure why. I’m speculating that The Devil’s Notebook might have been compiled earlier in his life. I try to be the Satanist that doesn’t mock “the other side”, having a few friends who are registered members of the Church of Satan, although if asked and in this blog I will be open about why I decided to affiliate with The Satanic Temple.

I’ve also gotten into the habit of marking books as read in Goodreads before I finish reading some of them, that way I don’t forget to mark them as read, which is something that… sometimes happens. It also inspires me to actually finish the book, let alone faster. I’ve also come to enjoy compilations of essays more than I thought I would, too. At some point I also intend to read some compilations about why some people converted to Catholicism, just to say that I did. I’d like to see a book compiled by Satanists about why they became Satanists for no more of a reason than to say than we successfully “broke the market”, and to begin to normalize Satanism. We haven’t quite gotten to that point yet. I’d like to see us do so while I’m still here.

In the interim, I need to continue to come up with better subject lines. Short, to the point, but… better ones.

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