Since I haven’t actually mentioned this sooner…

I found out that Diablo 2 is coming out… remastered, or whatever you want to call it.

Soon after I found out about that, I put down a pre-order on it since you can do that for the PC version.

I grew up on Diablo 2, and Bub spent the first few years of his life sitting on my lap playing it alongside me much to his extreme amusement. Enjoying it again can’t be all bad, especially if it will have improved graphics and other alterations to make the gameplay experience that much better… I just hope that Blizzard finally decides to scrap online-only play. I know that they did so for Diablo 3‘s Switch port, for which I am extremely thankful, but I do hope that this is done around the table for Diablo 2 as well. Sometimes we just want to play a game for the sake of enjoying it without online interference. That’s not too much to ask here.

And speaking of nostalgia, I remember the ill-fated auction house that Diablo 3 used to have.

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