It’s the little things here people, seriously.

I finally managed to get a copy of my favorite graphics program back on this computer (Jasc’s Paint Shop Pro 9… yes, I enjoy working with a program that is that old, don’t laugh at me), because I am now relying on backing up programs that are this old and installing them by copying and pasting them from USB sticks. Truth be told, I’ve used this program for so long that it does everything that I want it to do, and I’m reluctant to make any major changes when this does everything that I need it to do. I just had to find the USB stick that had the files for it on there, and as soon as I did, copy and paste them over to where they were supposed to go. That’s a neat little trick that you can do with old programs, one that I really like doing…

I can see why program manufacturers have made it more difficult to do that, what with the honor system.

I also got some video footage of some… earlier parts of the winter weather storm that we got last month.

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