This was not as fun as it had originally sounded.

Having made the decision to switch over to, I’ve since decided to switch back to the official servers.

For some reason, the other game modes (Jester, Troll) were not working for me as well as I had hoped they would. I’ve heard that there are other private servers out there, and I’ve been reading up on them in my spare time. I’d like to play on something that runs similarly to the server that Disguised Toast and his friends use. There also seemed to be the problem of the connection dropping more for me on that server than it ever really has on the official servers, but I can’t help but hold out hope that the official servers incorporate some of the roles that other people have come up with and coded into their own servers for play. One can hope…

I’ve also been getting rid of some things on this computer to save space because I have Bub’s Steam games on this computer. Regrettably, I chose to get rid of Ragnarok Online to ensure that he would continue to have optimal room to play them with me, and it’s not a decision that I regret… especially since my interest in Ragnarok Online literally waxes and wanes, and right now it is at a lull. Maybe if I can figure out how to save space on this computer, more space than I’m already saving, I can find some way to get it back on here and still have an amount of free space that is beneficial to us and that is something that I am comfortable with.

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