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I find it humorously ironic that I get to decide whether or not I get to continue taking the medication that has caused me to gain the weight that I have. Apparently this is a… thing with this medication, as in, this is a distinct possibility that can occur with it. I do wish that this had been explained to me as I was being prescribed it, or even in the earlier stages of me taking it, so that I could have made a better decision about whether or not I wanted to take it or even stay on it, but I digress. It does actually work single-dosing it for particularly troublesome migraines, though, so I probably would have chosen to stay on it and to continue taking it. But like I said, I do wish that I had been informed about this side effect. This was actually one of the reasons that I spent the last of my economic stimulus check (“Coronavirus check”, or “Corona check”, as some people are actually calling it) on a manual treadmill for home. I had just enough money left over to actually do that, and I’m glad that I made that “investment”. It’s been something that I’ve wanted for awhile.

My first long-term goal is to eventually work up to comfortably being able to walk a mile. I’m going to do this on my own time, no matter how long it may take me. That will help my asthma, and it will also help me get into better shape. My neurologist knows about it, and (bless her heart, probably never having actually dealt with someone like me before, even though I’m sure she had to have had some kind of… training on chronic migraine disorder since she knew what it was) she is supportive of me undertaking an exercise regimen with it. I mean, she knows that I bought it. She knows why I bought it. She knows that I want to get into better shape and lose some of the weight that I have gained. The rest of my care team will eventually find out too.

The mile won’t be timed, by the way. It will simply be me working up to comfortably being able to walk one.

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