Apparently this is something nice to get me.

People are beginning to notice that I am collecting badges and pins for my purse and the supply bag.

These are the ones that are currently, as of the date that I am writing this post, on these two items.

· alumnus pin for the two-year college that I got my associate’s degree from
· a Hunger Games mockingjay pin… that bird from the books, in pin form
· a sylleblossom pin from the city of Tenebrae in Final Fantasy XV
· a few pins from Shiva Honey’s Serpentinae shop, which I really like
· an “I’ll Go With You” badge (in case someone needs escorting to the restroom)
· an official Black Lives Matter pin, which is one of my favorite pins of my growing collection

It’s been said by people that know me in person that I can be a bit… difficult to shop for, so if this makes it easier for people to shop for me for birthdays and Christmases (“buy her badges and pins for her purse or the supply bag”), I mean, I’ll go with it at this point. There’s still a bit of room left on the supply bag for a few more pins if I’m wise about the locations that I clip or pin them on, even though the top of the supply bag is a bit busy. I could definitely clip or pin some more badges or pins to my purse. I’m getting into this whole badge and pin thing though. It’s definitely taking on a life of its own, definitely more than an inside joke.

Or maybe it still is an inside joke (“we finally know what we can buy her now!”). Either way, I’m fine with it.

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