Once I am able to walk a mile, Yes.Fit please.

I am not being paid to write about this. This is just something that I want to try at some point.

Once I am comfortably able to walk a mile without… there being any problems (and I mean any problems), the next step in the process for me will be to sign up for virtual marathons with Yes.Fit. I may decide to wait until we are out of a global pandemic, although I may do these on my treadmill at home. It all depends. Yes.Fit is a virtual marathon app — or website — that allows you to participate in virtual marathons no matter where in the world you may be at, and you are rewarded with things like medallions and T-shirts that you choose from before you sign up for the marathon as incentive and as a reward for you completing the marathon. You can log the miles that you do any number of ways, including “by hand” if you’re not into things like FitBit or their very own tracker. For someone like me, the medallion at the end of the marathon would be the most incentive. I’d love to collect those. And of course I’d also love to get into better shape!

For instance, there’s one called The Unicorn which is 121.1 miles. Obviously I’m not going to be ready to do that one for quite awhile, but I do aspire to do that one at… some point. The medallion for it is the most adorable, and at some point in my life I would like to say that I got into good enough health to be able to walk 121.1 miles, even if it took me an entire year to do, just to say that I actually completed that marathon.

I definitely have aspirations for improving my health, even though some of them — like that one — are lofty.

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