Differences between prejudice and racism.

White people can not be the subjects of racism (as in, you can’t be “racist” against white people).

Racism requires an imbalance in the power dynamic. For instance, African-Americans can — and obviously very often are, as evidenced by the number of African-American men dying at the hands of policemen in the United States of america — be the subject of racism. Asian-Americans can. Hispanics can. Indigenous individuals can. Those of Middle Eastern descent or heritage can. Individuals of mixed ancestry can as well. But predominantly white individuals who do not feel the effects of not being able to “pass” can not be the subjects of racism. They can feel the effects of prejudice, although it might be and generally is in different ways, and they can be marginalized in other ways that do not make their lives more difficult on account of their ancestry, ethnicity, or race — they can be disabled, for instance. They can be LBGT. They can be female. They can be one or more of those things. They can be any combination of those things. But their life is not made more difficult because of their ethnicity or the color of their skin if I’m making sense composing this.

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All lives won’t matter equally until black lives matter, which is why I think “all lives matter” is garbage.

And don’t even get me started on the whole “blue lives matter” crap, which I do think is absolute garbage.

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