I wear these Twitter blocks like a badge of honor.

A list of people that I have been blocked by on Twitter, by the way:
· Onision (on both of his accounts)
· Blaire White
· the casting director for Big Brother and several other shows
· Lori Alexander, The Transformed Wife
· the Catholic bishop of Tyler

I don’t think I’m missing any, but if I am I can always come back and revise this.

I tend not to block people myself unless they make it clear that they are attempting to gaslight in conversations or debates, or unless they actually invoke various Hitler fallacies. In instances like those, that is when (as the Generation Z kids like to say) I am “done”. Or if I politely ask someone to stop mentioning me on Facebook or Twitter and they continue, especially when my phone’s notifications are on, and they keep on doing it — especially when more than one of them do it and they “tag” people in. You can just get blocked.

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