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Humorously, we actually have… no bad weather.

At one point, it was speculated that we would have the same bad weather today that we had yesterday… but for some reason (one that I am not complaining about), that hasn’t actually come to pass. I am willing to take our wins wherever we can get them if it doesn’t mean that we have to go through city sirens again — yeah, that actually happened — or the risk of a tornado touching down… somewhere in the area. One day though, I’d like to move out of “tornado alley” if at all possible, and that’s actually for numerous reasons.

I should really have expected this by March.

We’ve been having storms go through here because of the storms that have been crossing the country.

So that’s been fun… and by that I mean not, since we had lightning coming down all around us at one point.

Apparently we’re supposed to get the same exact treatment tomorrow, which doesn’t surprise me as much as it mildly confuses me regarding the near twenty-four hour break in such severely inclement weather. Then again, we have as many Republicans as we do who neither believe in climate change nor are willing to vote for anything even remotely “green”, so should I be surprised about this? California is getting snow. New York isn’t seeing snow. Luckily our power remained on tonight, which I did not completely expect, but it remains to be seen if it will tomorrow as well. I kept my phone on the charger at 100% in case we lost power so that we had, and maintained, some kind of point of contact, and I kept Bub’s AAC device on the charger whenever he wasn’t using it, as long as he would let me, as soon as the first warning crossed my phone. It is what it is.