Redefining the phrase “all cops are bad”…

· until the system is reformed, willingly participating in it is continuing to condone it
· minorities continue to be incarcerated for non-violent crimes at a much higher rate than whites are
· children have been maced, and teenagers tear gassed, during non-violent protests during all of… this
· cops have hidden their badges in attempts to avoid being held accountable while they do these things
· cops willingly flash bombed and tear gassed protestors, and church priests, to give Trump a photo op
· when minorities attempt to reach for their wallets in many cases, cops have drawn their guns in response
· cops have lied on police reports and planted evidence to cover themselves when minorities have been shot
· cops can amass a list of complaints on their record but have them dismissed or very little done about them
· some cops have actually raped individuals in their custody and it has been very hard to charge them
· 40% of male cops go home and abuse their partners and/or children, which is very, very high for a single job

I’m positive that I could add more to this list, but I’ll stop there for now.

Active participation in this system as it is now is condoning it, even if “some cops don’t act like that”, “you know a good cop”, “you found a picture online of a cop hugging a child”, “a cop helped you” (maybe one did, and that might not have been a bad thing), or “some of them have taken knees at protests”. The system has to be reformed or it has to be dismantled, because as it stands right now, it is absolutely not working at all.

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