This really shouldn’t surprise me at this point.

You know, I would have posted another picture up here… but for the whole morning my site hosting has been giving me nothing but shit when it comes to logging in so that I can upload the picture in question, seeing as how I have 2FA (two-factor authentication) enabled. And the one time I was actually able to log into my hosting, the whole thing severely lagged, so I couldn’t even navigate to the folder of my hosting where I would have wanted to upload the picture. I Tweeted at my site hosting a few times, which is usually enough to let them know that there is a… problem with the hosting, although it remains to be seen when they will actually fix said problem since it is Black Friday. With any luck they fix it soon and I can resume uploading.

Maybe by the time I wake up tomorrow I’ll be able to post yet another picture of Bub sleeping here.

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