November 9th 2023 archive

I don’t really know how to tag this, so…

If you haven’t already heard, the owner of “non-profit” Meows of Love (Leah Cowen) and her husband were taken into custody for animal abuse and torture. Almost thirty counts, too. This is horrifying to read about.

At the time I’m writing this post, it looks like Leah has bonded out of jail, but that her husband has not.

I was familiar with her alleged non-profit, so I knew a little bit about it. Finding this out was particularly heartbreaking, though. On top of that, I found out that she and her husband had previously had their daughter removed from their care for child abuse — a few of Leah’s family members have come forward talking about it stating that she has visits with her child, but that she isn’t allowing any of her family members to come forward and take custody of her child out of malice. Now that… a well-established pattern of cruelty to animals and children has been established, I can only hope that her local family court changes their minds on this, allows interested family members to come forward about taking custody of her in the hope that she can be placed with suitable family members, and considers terminating her and her husband’s remaining, residual parental rights over this child. I don’t think it’s safe for her to be around children or animals, and I hope that something is legally done to prevent this from ever occurring again. She doesn’t need to be given a second chance to abuse a child, and she definitely doesn’t need to be allowed to own pets or continue running the sham that was her non-profit. Her state’s Attorney General has already been cooperative and helpful pointing out how people can try to get refunds on any donations that they made “Meows Of Hope”, as well as various legal channels that can be pursued for the fact that she was fraudulently claiming to run a rescue non-profit not spending the intended donations on animals in that.

The wheels of justice may have turned slower here than we would have liked, but at least they’re turning.