November 7th 2023 archive

Like I’ve said, this isn’t a bad first step at all.

The more I hear about the process of the Steam arbitration (or would-be arbitration, since they only intend to request arbitration if gamers are not fairly recouped from buying games at a loss from Steam), the more I’m liking the fact it’s happening. Steam should never have been allowed to buy out their only competition, which they did in 2004, to follow that up telling game manufacturers that they couldn’t list their games anywhere else for more affordable prices if they wanted to retain the ability to list them on Steam. And although I continue to have problems with them for a number of reasons, ones that I would like to see rectified by them at some point, this isn’t a bad first step. The next thing I’d like to do is see improvements made to their API for the sake of added security, and depending on what they do with this, changes to their TOS to reflect that.